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 The Captive

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PostSubject: The Captive   The Captive EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 11:22 pm

Three days has passed and Kendara have no more Chandu. She began to wail and disturbing people through bloodbending.

"Gimme your chandu!" were always her words. But people from the swamps never heard of such so they ended up tortured by the crazy lady.

One day, a group of Fire Nation soldiers are having their rest on the land. A boy came running down to them.

"Please misters! Help my father! A crazy woman is torturing him!" said the swamp boy. The soldiers came to the site and was surprised at how powerful this woman is.

But the soldiers are clever enough to capture the woman. They asked the swamp benders to target her hands then her feet. She couldn't bend no more. One of the soldiers gave her a big blow. She was then asleep.

The soldiers tied her securely in a chain so that she won't escape. The inhabitants of the Foggy Swamp were forever grateful to the soldiers who helped them. They're now on their way to the Fire Nation to present the unusual villain to the Fire Lord. He will decide on how heavy her punishment will be.
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The Captive
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