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 To the Northern Water Tribe

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To the Northern Water Tribe Empty
PostSubject: To the Northern Water Tribe   To the Northern Water Tribe EmptySun Sep 18, 2011 3:14 pm

Novai reached the docks with his bags packed and a batallion of Fire Navy Empire Class Ships, and as he boarded the biggest one he thought of a few things. To save the water benders he had to protect them, hopefully if the Earth King wanted a fight, it would hit him first than the Water Tribes.

He was leaving the Fire Nation again, god knew how long it would be till he returned, a rogue airbender and a royal doctor with no purpose were in my nation, Novai looked at a nearby General and told him to send him intel on the visitors movements, and to lock the Fire Lords Palace, to everyone except Royal Family members.

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To the Northern Water Tribe
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