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 Zeph begins his search

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PostSubject: Zeph begins his search   Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:52 pm

Finally, after days of traveling. Zephyr, Sapphire, and Leon had arrived at the outer walls of Ba Sing Se. They had traveled all the way from the Fire Nation Capitol in search of a few people. Zephyr had his mind on specifically one of them, Chase. They entered the enormous gates of Ba Sing Se, the gates had been just huge holes in the wall made by earthbending guards. They stepped into a carriage after handing a guard a handful of gold pieces. "Hmmm, first class huh? Mighty rich aren't ya, boy? Hahaha" THe guard had said. They stepped into the fancy, ostrich-pulled carriage. It started to move and the three sat quietly in the carriage until Leon spoke. "So where are we headed Zeph". Zeph heard the words of Leon and replied "We're going straight to the palace of Ba Sing Se, to the Earth King."
They arrived at a big, two-story house. It was green and brown, and it had golden borders and linings. The three stepped out and were approached by a creepy lady, "Hello, my name is Tin-Lung. You will be staying here during your stay in our city. Straight down the north road are many shops and stores. Down the west raod is the royal palace. Thank you." The lady got into the carriage and left. The three went into the house and set their stuff up.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeph begins his search   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:46 pm

A couple of days later, Zeph was just strolling around and seeing the shops. A polarbat flew down and landed on Zeoh's shoulder. The polarbat was griping a scroll tightly withing its beak. Zeph took the note and ppened it. the note read:

Hello there Zephyr,
This is your old friend Kakaidu from the Northern Water Tribe. There has been a lot of changes since you've been gone. My family is a lot better off financially now, I live in an enormous home. Haha! So anyways, I've been thinking it's time for you to come see me. It would be great if you would! If you need any gold for a ferry or sky bison, I can lend it to you. We have plenty of stuff such as clothes, a room, and necessities for you so you won't even jhave to pack! So please consider this, write back.
Sincerely, your friend Kakaidu

Zeph couldn't miss out on this offer, he hasn't seen Kakaidu in years. He immediately gathered Leon and Saphira, and the three left Ba Sing Se.
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Zeph begins his search
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