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 To Omashu from Si Wong Desert

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To Omashu from Si Wong Desert Empty
PostSubject: To Omashu from Si Wong Desert   To Omashu from Si Wong Desert EmptyWed Aug 31, 2011 5:48 pm

Fujin Kaze

After spending another 4 days, Fujin finally made it out of Si Wong Desert. He met and fought 3 rogue sandbenders along the way. At first this wouldn't sound like good fortune, but if it wasn't for them and their defeat by Fujin's hands, he wouldn't have been able to survive the rest of the journey. After knocking them all out unconscious, as Fujin would only kill if needed, he tied them up and stole their food and water and 8 gold coins from the rogues.

He then forced the rogues to guide him to the end of the desert, carefully reading them and seeing if they were lying and leading him to an ambush. Fortunately, it seems that they weren't part of some band of thieves, and were just simple rogues. Along the way he fed them, simply because without doing so they would have perished leaving him lost. Reaching the end of the desert and confident he knew the trail to Omashu through what the villagers had instructed him. He loosened their bonds, just enough that if they struggled, they could free themselves, and threw a gold coin each at their feet so that they wouldn't be penniless.

"Thank you very much gentlemen, here's a tip for all your hard work, I couldn't have made it here without you." said Fujin with a wink and a smile. As the rogues cursed and struggled to free their bonds, Fujin with the help of airbending, sprinted towards Omashu. Arriving to the mountains that fortify Omashu a day later and by the end of that night he reached Omashu.

Exhausted, Fujin camped outside in Omashu, due to the fact that he arrived extremely late into the night and all the stores were closed. Ensured that he found a safe spot, Fujin spent the night, enjoying the mildly warm temperature and slightly humid atmosphere and within minutes, fell soundly asleep.

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To Omashu from Si Wong Desert
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