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 Avacyn Innistrad

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PostSubject: Avacyn Innistrad   Thu May 21, 2015 1:54 am

Full Name: Avacyn Innistrad
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-eight
Element: Sand
Birthplace: Si Wong Desert
Position: Hami Tribe outcast
Sandbending (i.e. soft earth) - Expert
Earthbending (i.e. solid earth) – Intermediate
Swordsmanship - Intermediate

Avacyn is quite serious upon first encounters, preferring to get to the core of matters with as little idle chitchat as possible. She can seem conceited, rude, brusque and altogether inconsiderate when it comes to pursuing information about a situation or person. She can also seem quick to attack if she dislikes or distrusts you; luckily for most, this is not often.

For those on her good side, it is easy to see that the serious and conceited woman she portrays is simply how she acts when she is meeting new people or feeling unsure. Underneath the façade, she is lighthearted and joyful, often choosing terrible puns and sarcasm as her form of humor. She is also a very good friend, and those who earn her heart will never be without it. She is very protective of those she cares for.

Avacyn is not easy to shame, and she’s quick to let you know her own short comings. She is extremely claustrophobic, terrified by large insects and snakes, and she is completely incapable of cooking anything more than a bowl of rice without burning it or turning it into a form of ipecac.

Above all else though, Avacyn is hurting and a bit insecure. Outcast by her tribe, she’s often very lonely and she has a hard time truly trusting others. She has a fear of abandonment, and never really feels safe. She’s spent her whole life moving from place to place and running away from her problems. She doesn’t reveal these things to people, nor does she let on about it with sad little sighs or longing looks; her trigger is being held. She’ll often mumble, “I’m okay; I’m not scared,” after the adrenaline of an argument or battle is dying down.

Sandbending: expert: Growing up in the desert with a sandbending tribe, she gained her level of abilities through a need to survive. Because sand travels in flows, like air and water, her style does not resemble that of an earthbender at all. The first thing she learned how to bend was the small sandstorms that propel sand-sailers, and you can often see one trailing after her, collecting loose sediment as she walks so that she can feel more connected to her bending.
When battling, she’ll often use the sand she’s collected to her advantage; throwing it in her opponent’s eyes or placing convenient swirling pools of silt underneath feet to trip others. It is fairly easy to find loose gravel and soil, but she uses her sandbending as little as possible. When people discover her origins in the Hami Tribe, the stereotypes of bandit and raider come along with it.

Earthbending: intermediate: With very little solid ground to work with in the desert, Avacyn finds bending solid earth to be very difficult. As the transition for normal earthbending to sandbending is not easy, it also works vice versa. This makes for a very frustrated and irritable woman, who has learned to rely on her twin hook swords more than ever to make up for her lack of proficiency in earthbending.
She is not a beginner, but nowhere near an expert; she uses it as little as possible, and sometimes goes so far as to claim that she has no bending ability at all.

Swordsmanship: intermediate: Her beginning with twin hook swords was when they were found on a dehydrated man, passed out on a large dune. Upon inspecting the weapons, she realized that she desired to understand the strange items. Instead of stealing them and leaving the man to die, she woke him; Bayani traded his mastery of the weapons for water and safe transportation back to civilization. The journey took a matter of months, considering that Avacyn had no sand-sailer and that they often had to go miles out of their way to fill their waterskins.
Upon Bayani’s departure, he promised to send her some swords of her own through the beetle-headed merchants; he made good on this promise five weeks later, and she hasn’t been without them since.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eyes: pistachio green
Hair: very dark brown
Skin: fair/beige, with a golden undertone

Avacyn laughs and smiles often, with her age showing a little around the corners of her eyes. Her complexion is smooth and her skin is surprisingly fair for having grown up in the desert. She has full lips and a broader nose, as is common for the people of her region, with almond-shaped green eyes and a square shaped face. Dark brown hair tumbles to the base of her spine in loose curls, with large beads tied in the underlayer.

Avacyn is usually seen in garb mimicking the style of her home, but it is evident that she traded the traditional grays and browns for muted oranges, reds and golds. It is very strange to see her outside of the layers she grew up wearing, though people think it’s funny to see her so covered when it’s hot out. She usually has a translucent veil over the bottom of her face, with a turban and loose clothing shrouding her form.

You can always see her tiger hook swords on her back, hidden in a plain grey sheath. There is also a dark brown satchel on her right hip, and a dagger hidden under folds of clothing on her left. These items are also very nondescript.

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Item Name:
Tiger Hook Swords
Description: The back of the blades are used as a regular sword, while the hook is used to trip enemies and catch weapons. The end of the hilt is sharpened, while the guard is used for blocking and slashing. There is also a link, where the two hooks can loosely connect to extend the reach of the sword from three feet to six feet and slash the target with the hilt.
There’s really nothing special about their appearance; a pale gray sheath and likewise colored hilts, some ancient lettering on the guards but otherwise not particularly stunning weapons. They get the job done, which is what’s important.


Aki was a member of the Hami Tribe, proud and powerful in his sandbending. He had no trouble making the visiting daughters of traveling families to the Misty Palms Oasis swoon with his charming looks and mischievous attitude. Chizu was one such woman, who found herself unable to resist Aki’s confidence and devil-may-care smile. She chose to stay in the Oasis, much to her father’s anger, and worked as a barmaid to continue seeing Aki. Soon pregnant with child, Aki chose to leave his family and save himself the embarrassment of a child out of wedlock. Aki and Chizu began to rent a room in a boarding house, working to save their money to one day move to Ba Sing Se with their child.

Avacyn’s birth was an easy one; she was a happy baby who slept through the night and fussed only out of hunger. Her parents planned to continue to save until she would be old enough to travel out of the Desert with. However, weeks before their move, her family’s room was robbed; with the savings gone and no leads as to who took it, her parents despaired. It was only a matter of time until word got back to Aki’s Tribe about his bastard child, and they pleaded with the friends they had gained through their months of residence.

After many slammed doors and upturned noses, they were told to pack their things as their room was needed; sitting at a fountain, Aki and Chizu discussed their next move while Avacyn napped. They were interrupted by a man with an interesting offer. This man was an oily, scummy sort of fellow with a debt owed to the bandits living north of the Hami Tribe’s settlement. They were soon convinced to trade their daughter for safe fare back to Ba Sing Se, where they could continue to be lovers without fear and Avacyn could grow up without the stigma of being a bastard.

With Avacyn cradled in one arm, the beetle-headed merchant waved her parents off; his life would be spared by the bandits. He was caught stealing from them in the night, and they in turn owed the Hami Tribe a replacement child for the murder of a boy.

Trades were commenced, debts were paid, and Avacyn was given to the family who had lost their boy. She never learned of her true parents’ betrayal, and grew up happily in the Hami Tribe. Loved by her nomadic family, she fit right in.

Years passed in the same routine: set up camp, survive, move. Occasionally some bored kid would torment some travelers, or run off to the Oasis. But for the most part, things stayed boring and normal and safe in the Tribe.
And that did not work for the girl who wanted to be so much more than a trader with the Misty Palms Oasis. Her father didn’t do important work – brought fermented cactus juice and other strange oddities from the Desert to the Oasis, and in return received water, food, and items to repair tents and sailers.

One afternoon, she decided to stay a little longer at the Oasis than she should have. It was her first time out in a sand-sailer without someone watching over her shoulder; she had two Tribe members with her to help carry things and keep the sailer steady on their way back home, but otherwise there were no rules.

Venturing inside of a bar, she ordered some water and read a poster about Avatar Aang’s original visit to the Oasis. Finishing her warm and dusty tasting drink, she left to find that the sail on her sand-sailer was torn wide open. The thing was useless now! She sat to wait for her travel companions, and eventually fell asleep inside of the sailer.

The next morning she woke to the arrival of multiple sailers from her Tribe. Her companions were aboard, her sail was fixed and there was blood on her clothes. More confusing still was how angry her father looked. Never had she seen him like that; he trusted her explicitly and always waited to hear what she had to say before passing judgment. He had promoted her above those who had seniority because he knew her to be honest.

Residents of the Oasis began shouting accusations, and as the hold of sleep cleared from her head, she finally understood. She was being framed for the slaughter of livestock. In a blur, weeks of investigating and questioning turned into the final verdict from the council of the Tribe.

She had caused a strain with the suppliers of their livelihood; the dwellers of the Oasis did not take kindly to the meat of their animals being found in crates on her sailer. And suddenly she was being escorted out of her home by her angry father and three Tribe members she didn’t know very well.

Deposited on the streets of the Oasis, she began her travels towards Ba Sing Se, using the bartering and trade skills she’d used growing up to survive. Occasionally she resorted to tribal dancing as a sideshow attraction when the ground was less generous with fallen coin.

Character Box:

Avacyn Innistrad

Character box, hmm hmm hmm.

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I like it. consider this APPROVED!

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Avacyn Innistrad
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