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 NC History: Origins of the Four Pillars (closed)

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NC History: Origins of the Four Pillars (closed) Empty
PostSubject: NC History: Origins of the Four Pillars (closed)   NC History: Origins of the Four Pillars (closed) EmptyThu May 14, 2015 9:45 am

Tarek Raiden

The Life of Avatar Aang was celebrated as a time of peace and prosperity as all four nations healed from the wounds of the 100 year war.  Unfortunately the legacy of Aang was short-lived.  His many years in ice had drained his life energies and reduced the span of his life.  His untimely death was blow to all the peoples of the world and their gazes now turned to the Water Tribe where the next Avatar was to be born.

The mysterious and powerful Order of the White Lotus, led by the legendary Iroh, had gathered on Kyoshi Island and were determined not to let the mistakes of the past put the world at risk once again. At the behest of Iroh, every high ranking member of the Order were present to discuss the future of the order and the mysterious directive passed down by Aang before he died.  The large stone room was aflutter with curious whispers as an enfeebled Iroh was helped onto a large stone Dais in the center of the room.  It was magnificently adorned with the symbol of the White Lotus, a fitting centerpiece for such a grand meeting.  “Welcome my friends,” wheezed the ancient master, “Seeing you all brings warmth to this old heart in these sad times.  We are here to remember the life of our young Avatar and to honor his last request, to prepare the way for the next Avatar, who is to be reincarnated in the Water Tribe.”

The room immediately stirred as the White Lotus members began whispering amongst themselves.  An old earthbender rose to his feet and addressed the room:  “The White Lotus has always been about peace and philosophy.  Yet in the past century we have not only revealed ourselves to the world, but we took part in siege of Ba Sing Se!?  Now we have to become trainers for the new Avatar?  I say we go back underground and stay there, the world will find equilibrium Avatar or no.”

Immediately a grizzled Firebender stood to retort:  “Absurd!  You talk peace but you would have watched Ozai burn the world to the ground?  We not only liberated Ba Sing Se, we helped Aang save the world!  I say we militarise the order, we can make a difference in the world, we can train the avatar and many other young recruits and build up a peace keeping army to defend the world from tyrants like Ozai!”

The two men suddenly sparked a huge argument as supporters of both their views began debating the merits of their respective cases.  Iroh lowered his head and sighed.  “Please, let us not bicker amongst ourselves.  You all have valid points but there is a compromise that will work in our best interests.  The world does not need a group of enforcers.  It needs the Avatar, we can honor Aang’s request though by giving the new Avatar the tools he or she needs to succeed, but we cannot take the Avatar’s place.  I propose we choose four...Pillars of the Order, one from every nation.  They will be the brightest, most promising ambassadors of their respective elements, and will train the Avatar and keep the White Lotus’ best interest at heart.  The rest of us will go back into the shadows, pursuing knowledge and peace as we always have.”

The whole room fell silent as Iroh spoke and all saw the wisdom in his words.  After a long pause, an elderly matron of the Water Tribe was the first to speak out.  “Who will these pillars be?” she asked.

“I have already chosen possible candidates,” explained Iroh, “I have hopefuls in the Fire nation, Earth Kingdom and one Airbender within our very order.  It is the Water Tribe that I am still working on, but I am confident we will find the right individual for the job.”

The room suddenly became filled with whispers once more as the members of the White Lotus speculated as to who was chosen by Iroh.  He mentioned an airbender in the Order, but they knew only of one, and as talented as he was, he was very strange for an actual fact he was rather strange, period.  But no one questioned the Grandmaster’s judgement and the Order agreed that Iroh’s proposition would be the best course of action.

As the meeting closed and the White Lotus members went their separate ways, Master Piandao, intercepted Iroh to enquire about his first course of action.  “What now Iroh?  You go find these recruits of yours?  Where will you begin?” asked the elder swordmaster.
Iroh gave his comrade a warm smile and placed his hand on his shoulder.  “Indeed old friend.  I realize it is probably a job best suited to someone younger, but I want to travel again and see the world.  Besides I want to make sure these new Pillars of our order will be able to uphold their responsibility.”  Said Iroh closing his old eyes, as if he was already imagining where he would be going.  “I will now travel to the Ancient City of Sun Warriors, where I  plan on finding and testing our first recruit.  A man named Tarek Raiden, a young prodigy who spends his time discovering and perfecting firebending arts lost to the ages.  I believe he holds the key to finding our new Avatar...”

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NC History: Origins of the Four Pillars (closed)
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