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 River Osaka

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PostSubject: River Osaka   Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:29 pm

Full Name: River Lily Osaka
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Element: Water
Birthplace: Northern Water tribe
Position: N/A
Training: Basic water bending

Personality: River Osaka is a girl with ambition, she knows what she wants and tends to find the drive to get it. She is not afraid of hard work and will often laugh at people who tend to be lazy. River can also be known to be lazy but its usually shorter than other people her age. She likes to learn and puts forth enough energy into her water bending skills that could make her excel if she wanted to. Sometimes River is known to act younger than she is and cause some mischief. She always makes up for it in the end though and tries to keep things as peaceful as she can. Since she is still new to water bending she just tries to learn as much as she can from watching others and likes to impress the people who watch her.

Abilities: (60 words minimum) What is your character good at? Any weaknesses? Please don't over power yourself. Are you a bender, warrior or civilian. You don't have to be someone who fights, you can simply be a cook in a restaurant in some village or city. Use your imagination.

Height: 4'6"
Weight: Skinny, weighing about 105 pounds
Eyes: Blue with a tint of green
Hair: Brown with some blond highlights
Skin: River is a Caucasian female with a slight touch of the sun to give her a tan.

(90 minimum words) Give a general description of the character here, at least 90 words long. Describe their hair style, body shape and condition, distinguishing marks or characteristics, and their clothing. Please be as detailed as you can. You may provide an image IN ADDITION to the description.

Weaponry & Other Gear: (Omit this field if no such items)

Outside of clothing, what kinds of gear does the character carry around with them? This can be a sword, spear, armor, whatever. Please use the code below to add more items. Please take care to make sure it's a range of items that someone with the character in question's conditioning could handle. (I.E. A five year old probably wouldn't be carrying around a dozen swords and wearing a suit of armor everywhere.) This does not need to be done on every last item. Just the things that somehow effect the character's abilities, or give them a severe edge in combat. Try to be descriptive!

Item Name (Copy-paste as many times as needed)

History: (120 words minimum) How did your character's childhood go? How did (s)he act towards his/her parents? If you are a bender or warrior, who taught you, and describe how your training went. Any memorable events or milestones? What made your character into the person (s)he is today?


Sample Rp:

Character Box:

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River Osaka
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