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PostSubject: Setsuko   Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:31 am

Full Name: Setsuko
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Element: Air
Birthplace: Eastern Air Temple
Position: Runaway traveler
Airbending: Intermediate
Martial Arts: Beginner
Twin Boomerangs: Expert/Intermediate (Augmentation through the usage of Airbending, without it, would be intermediate.)

Personality: (234)

Setsuko is an intelligent, friendly, but oddly reclusive young man. Setsuko isn't the biggest of guys, so in order to make up for it, he feigns toughness instead. Though he comes off as level headed and stoic, he has proven many times that he can be laid-back, wild, carefree, rebellious, much like his element. He isn't very fond of alcohol, as he's found every alcoholic drink he's tried to be unbearable, making him a tea drinker instead.  

Abilities (199)

Though Setsuko was a rebellious kid, he had always taken great interest into his element, even to the point of stealing his teacher's scrolls while still in the academy. With no actual guidance(that he freely accepted, anyways), most of his air bending prowess comes from his own self-taught style, the rest coming from the basics he grew up with. Unlike most Airbenders, Setsuko used movements similar to both water and fire (Water defensively, and Fire offensively) but continued to apply the traditional evasive techniques he learned in the academy. This resulted in making him highly unpredictable opponent, oftenly described as erratic by those he'd sparred with. Aside from his Airbending prowess comes with his fascination of boomerangs, which he had practiced more than his Airbending itself. He uses the boomerangs up close similarly to how the Kyoshi warriors used their fans, and in long range made them very difficult projectiles to dodge thanks to his Airbending allowing him to change their direction midflight, though he hasn't mastered it completely yet.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137 pounds, athletic
Eyes: Grey/Olive
Hair Brown (Usually bald)
Skin: Pale/Light
Though Setsuko had never directly met his parents, his teacher had told him many things about them. According to him, Setsuko's had the lax, chilling expression of his mother, and the warm eyes of his father. Setsuko has a lean muscular build, mostly from chores like farming and having to chase after unruly sky bison as a punishment for not showing up to classes. Though not yet a master, he had his tattoos illegally put on to further make fun of the "stuck up air nomad officials".

Setsuko, trying to be as original and as different as possible from his roots took a different, more stylish approach of his clothing that still represented his background. Currently, he wears a plain yellow jacket with baggy pants to match, along with an orange vest (sleeves curled). His pants are secured by an extremely long belt (a scarf he's had since childhood). His feet are poorly protected by the traditional brown sock like boots, firmly secured by orange gymnast bands. And to top it off, he has white bandages on his right forearm/hand because of a searing burn he got when hot oil splashed his arm. (I'm bad at describing clothing sorry ;-Wink

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Twin Boomerangs
Materials: A special light metal with sharp edges
Description: Two orange sharp boomerangs kept secretly behind his vest.

History (536)

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