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PostSubject: Celaena Sardothien DONE   Celaena Sardothien DONE EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 12:20 am

Full Name:
Celaena Sardothien

Fire Nation

Firebending (Intermediate)
Knives and All Weapons in General(Expert)


Celeana is generally quite reluctant to make acquaintances, and is very stubborn and head-strong. Despite her attempts to close herself off from others, she eventually warms up to people. She is rather unpredictable when angry; depending on the situation, she will either close herself off and adopt a quiet demeanor or she will channel her rage into her superior physical ability, often culminating in injury or destruction.

One of Celeana's redeeming qualities is that she is very passionate about many things; this passion fixates on several aspects of her life such as her varying degrees of love for the very few people in her life, books and music. Especially books. However, it can be argued that her character flaw is her passion, as it ultimately leads to emotional turmoil, especially when objects of her passion are destroyed or murdered. Her love for the people around her can drive her to do things of a questionable nature.

Although she is an assassin, she tends to be meticulous about the way in which she presents herself publicly. She has a fixation on finery and insists on wearing 'fashionable' clothing in the latest cuts in order to feel like a 'normal' girl. Stereotypically, she is rather obsessed with ensuring she maintains a superior level of desirability, and as such can appear rather vain at times. She utilizes vanity as a means of feeling like a normal teenage girl, especially as she had a rather tempestuous upbringing.(241/210)

Hand-to-Hand: Celaena is very good at hand to hand, but mostly uses it to knock people out or to disarm them, the latter she is a wiz at.

Weapons: Celaena was trained to use all sorts of weapons, including ranged and close ranged. She favors the knife, but is just as good as using a sword to chop people up.

Stealth: This is probably the worst of all her skills, but that is not to say that she can’t sneak by the most attentive guard. She also has very, very good night vision.

Infiltration: She can spot weaknesses in a fortress wall, mentally time the movements and changes of guards down to the half-second, and can climb like a monkey on just about anything.

Firebending: She doesn't use this abilities of her as much. She sees it as just giving away her position while stalking someone, or messy, as fire spreads. She is not afraid of using it to seal big wounds, despite the pain, or using it to torture people for information. She can fight with it if long range is her only option, although she would prefer a bow.

Tactics: Celaena has a very creative mind, and can use it to get her out and in of situations, desirable or not. She can mentally map out an entire maze if needed if she walked for long enough.


Celaena Sardothien DONE The_as10
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 167lb
Eyes: Blue ringed with Gold
Hair: Blonde, Long
Skin: Fair

Celaena Sardothien describes herself as having once been particularly beautiful at the beginning of her endeavors and assassinations. After being released from Endovier, the death slave labor camp, she regains much of her former beauty. She has long, blonde hair, and her eyes are believed to be bright blue eyes ringed with gold. She has an uncountable amount of thick scars on her back from her time in the prison which she was forced to work in under dire conditions. They all sort of mesh together into one giant scar of cris-crosses and angles. This she usually hides from people when she can, hating to be pitied by people. Seeing big scars like that on a woman gets people sympathetic, and she doesn't want that on her. She is described as being of average height.
She can be seen wearing a multitude of different clothing, although she favors boy’s clothes for fighting or traveling. They are more roomy and don’t catch on themselves when trying to fight, where girls clothes are to look fashionable and streamline. However, she loves shopping for dresses and clothes that she may have an entire wardrobe at the end of one shopping spree. She doesn't see wrong in dressing for an occasion, and at occasions she can somehow outshine every girl there.

Weaponry & Other Gear: She  usually keeps many numbers of knives on her, even if she looks like she has nowhere to put them, be assured that she has some on her.

History: Aelin Mei was born to Rhoe and Evalin Mei, very wealthy nobles in the Fire Nation on May 3rd. For the first eight years of her life she lived as the Duchess and sole heir to the seat of the house and it’s wealth. It was expected of her to marry Aedion Mei, her cousin and confidante, to solidify the family's claim to many things, including wealth and property. Her heritage afforded her some  ability, in particular control over fire. It is this ability that led her to burn down part of the library, and encouraged a deep-seated fear of her abilities and heritage for most of her life so far. She once met Katsuo, the Prince of Fire at a party, but never really met him since then.

One night, an even more powerful and wealthier noble with many ties to the Royal family decided to overthrow one of his major political opponents - the Noble Family of Mei. Aelin discovered the deaths of her parents when she climbed into their bed, waking up to a maid's screams and a bed filled with blood. The actions of the maid in facilitating her escape allowed Aelin to survive the massacre and bide her time. The Noble cemented his rule over their property and wealth by promoting across the country the deaths of the nobility, all the while unaware of the survival of the heir. Ul, Leader of the Assassins, found Aelin half frozen and half dead on the banks of the Bai River outside the estate. She offered her a choice; to stay with her and be trained as an assassin, or to be cast off in the streets. Aelin chose the former and became an assassin, killing her first target at the age of nine. She was restyled as Celaena Sardothien to hide her true identity.

Celaena trained at the Assassin's Keep in an undisclosed part of the world, and it was here that she spent the majority of her life following the deaths of her parents. She worked with a few other Assassin’s, training and sometimes doing mission. She didn't see Ul very much, but she knew of another young kid that Ul took him some time before her. Kei. She knew of him and they trained together sometimes, but him being much older than her and more trained equaled in him winning most of the time when Celaena couldn't distract him. During her training with Ul, Ul noticed that Celaena favored the right hand. Ul tolled Celaena that using one hand over the other was a waste. Celaena broke her own hand that night, slamming the door on it on purpose. She learned to use her left much better, and now is completely ambidextrous.

However, she was captured after attempting to exact revenge and murder the noble who killed her parents. She was so close, in his bedroom, in fact, when his wife was secretly awake and yelled for help. The call didn't last long before her throat was slit, but the man fled the room too quickly after getting a slash down his arm. The War of Tipped Scales was happening at this time, and as a result, she was sent to a war prisoner labor camp, the salt mines of Endovier and sentenced as a slave to reside there for the remainder of her life. She spent a total of one year in the mines, no one else lasting more than a month due to the more than harsh and cruel conditions before she made her escape, her shaft being three-hundred and sixty-three feet from the wall. Most prisoners would not get past three feet from their prison cells. During her attempt, she killed twenty-four men, including her overseer. She had survived only because slaves would heal her wounds with salt every night.  

Since her escape, she has assumed different identities and worked odd jobs, not knowing what else to really do. But she had a lot of blood money tied up in places from before her capture, and now was the time she used that money. She doesn't rent an apartment, but uses an abandoned warehouse’s upper floor. She refitted just about everything, keeping the warehouse looking shabby and unused while her room and housing is all new. (714/520)

Character Box:

Celaena Sardothien

Kyorin Here. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Celaena Sardothien DONE   Celaena Sardothien DONE EmptyTue Apr 07, 2015 10:13 pm

an intriguing character indeed. a few parts of the story remind me of Isi's, which means in turn she could understand her a bit if the two met (it's not like certain events can't happen to more than one person, after all)

anyhoo, I'm gonna APPROVE this one, and hopefully we can RP soon.

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Celaena Sardothien DONE
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