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 The Growth of Power

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The Growth of Power Empty
PostSubject: The Growth of Power   The Growth of Power EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 5:08 pm


Senlin Village. The village that sits on the border of a massive forest range. But the forest was not important. It was the forest that Tzekel-Kan, The Spirit Devourer, stared into.

The dead of night, monkey crickets were chirping everywhere. Tzekel-Kan stared into the forest, holding a torch. He didn't need it to see. It was a tool of bringing out the spirit protecting this Earth Kingdom Forest. Hei Bai. It was a powerful being, but nowhere as old and ancient as other spirits like Koh and Balreth. Hei Bai would be his first, real, consumption.

Tzekel-Kan tossed the torch into the leaves of a large tree. The hot summer day had dried the leaves, the fire engulfing them and spreading quickly. Tzekel-Kan had taken several trips into the forest already, unbeknownst to the petty human villagers, and to no avail to find Hei Bai. Perhaps it was avoiding him. Tzekel-Kan was against doing something like this, especially to something so beautiful and serene. But it was the only way to draw out the spirit. It wasn't near any solstice, but with Tzekel-Kan high level of spirituality, he should be able to see and interact with it at all times.

Before long, fire had engulfed acres of forest, the village warning bell going off. People started to panic inside, afraid of the village burning and of the strange man past their gates in the midst of the blaze. Tzekel-Kan would not need one of his statues to back him up. He would do this on his own.


It wasn't until a few hours later when a whole hillside and the village itself was burned down, that Hei Bai showed itself. Angry at the being who destroyed it's beloved forest, it came as a flash of light right infront of Tzekel-Kan in it's 6-legged beast form, smashing a paw into Tzekel-Kan and making him fly back before he could even realize what had happened. He rolled to a stop, quickly getting up and jumping back as it zoomed next to him, using it's powerful screams at the spot where he laid a moment ago. It turned to him and threw another punch at him, but this time Tzekel-Kan was ready. Tzekel-Kan met the punch with his own. Tzekel-Kan's abnormal strength mixed with his spiritual prowess, throwing the beast back.

The punch hurt them both, Tzekel-Kan's entire arm bones were shattered. But as Hei Bai took a moment to stand back up, green little wisps coiled around his arm. Crunching sounds were made as the bones were put back into place, the bruises healed and the cuts closed.

Hei Bai charged again, zooming close to him once more and with two hands tried to crush him. Tzekel-Kan rolled forward, standing and placing his hands on the creatures chest. Tzekel-Kan pushed some of his own spirit inside of Hei Bai, draining Tzekel-Kan a little, but severely damaging Hei Bai. I cried out and zoomed away, scratching at it's chest as if something had burrowed under it's skin.

The Spirit Devourer sauntered over to the beast, and placed his hand on it again, shoving more of his spiritual energy into it. It cried out and tried to run back into the destroyed forest, but it started to involuntarily shift back into it's panda form, losing speed. It shifted several times back and forth between the two forms, before laying down at it's untouched shrine in the middle of ashen earth.

It cried out in pain, a soft green spreading from it's belly, engulfing it's black and white colors. Tzekel-Kan walked out of the still raging fire, not caring of the smoldering heat. Once over the now just panda spirit, he knelt over it, placing a thumb on it's giant forehead and then snout. A low light began to glow. "You. Are now mine."

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The Growth of Power
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