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 Romi Kumagae

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Romi Kumagae
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PostSubject: Romi Kumagae   Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:22 pm

Please go easy on me - I'm new ^^;;

Full Name: Romi Yumara Kumagae
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Element: Air
Birthplace: Eastern Temple
Position: Student
Training: Glider, Air Bending, hand-to-hand

Personality: Romi is the youngest of a sister and two brothers, thus, she comes off to the general public as polite and quiet, if even a little reserved. Yet, once you get to know this girl, she can be rather out-spoken and even sharp. Sometimes she doesn’t remember how sharp her tongue can be and can easily flush and stammer an apology. But, she is also one of the most open-minded people there could be. Romi has a sweet and gentle side, but because she is the youngest of her siblings, she prefers to have more an independent “I-can-do-it-myself” demeanor. She loves animals and as her oldest brother is part of the Tekina-Kaze, Romi has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Her parents, wishing she was a bit more “lady-like” (like her sister), regret the times they speak of such wishes simply because Romi is the type of person to do the complete opposite of what someone wants out of her. She isn’t rebellious, per say, but she does not take too well to being bossed around. She loves her glider and is always up for some fun, hardly able to sit still most of the time; Air Bending is about the only time this girl’s foot won’t be jiggling around or when she won’t be fidgeting. Because of her energy, Romi startles easily and doesn’t really adapt well to big changes. Bending and Gliding are about the only times that Romi can actually fall into a peaceful and calm state where she feels completely comfortable.

Abilities: Romi is your average intermediate Air Bender. She isn’t anything spectacular, but get her angry and she can show you what she is made of. Her Bending plays off of her emotion and can go one of two ways: Fierce or beautiful. She uses her Glider quite a bit and has a tendency to perform some daring dives with it for fun. It’ about her favorite thing and because of her small size, Romi can perform some tight twists and turns. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, she could really use the work. While Bending comes naturally to her, hand-to-hand she is clumsy and nervous. Romi could actually use a tutor in this, as she easily fumbles with combat and trips over herself. She becomes frustrated and frazzled and just can’t quite figure out how to get her body to work in this way, even though Bending is natural. She has no problems when it comes to refining her movements through Bending, but the whole idea of actually coming in contact forcefully skin-to-skin with another person just completely puts her off.

Height: 4’12”
Weight: 106 lbs
Eyes: light blue
Hair: Chin length, very light strawberry blonde
Skin: slightly tanned

Romi is rather small for her age. She’s the “runt” of her siblings and her hair is a soft, fine texture, holding a very light strawberry-blonde color to it. The ends of her tresses just barely brush her chin, being shorter in the back and longer in the front. Most of the time, she keeps it back in a half ponytail, and normally only leaves it fully down when she is comfortable. Her eyes are a light blue, and quite striking when her hair is back, but a bit softer when her hair is down. She’s quite a few small scars against her hands, simply from her earlier years with her Glider. She tends to wear looser clothing because it works better with her bending.

History: Romi is the youngest of two older brothers and a sister. She’s lived and grown up in the Eastern Air Temple, having to deal with the usual picking-ons by her siblings. It’s never bothered Romi as much as others, simply because she always felt like that meant her siblings cared about her. She was always closest with her oldest brother who tended to watch over her like a hawk. Being the youngest Romi also got a lot of attention from her parents – too much if you asked her – and always felt like she needed to work to keep up with her family. Other than that, she lived a fairly normal life, watching her two older brothers go off to the Tekina-Kaze. Like them, she took to her Glider easily and Air Bending came very naturally to her. Her sister was the fiercest of the four and excelled at just about everything, including hand-to-hand combat which Romi took a big distaste towards. While she took her Bending seriously, she was also always one to sneak off and have a bit of fun with the few close friends she had. She loved being near the ocean and gliding over it when she got the chance, and even began to have a want to travel a bit. But, Romi was typically a good kid keeping out of trouble. It wasn’t ever until one of her siblings got her into trouble that she disobeyed. This girl was never one to talk back to those above her, keeping up with the other students fairly, but when it did come to the other students, she had no problem opening her mouth when need be. Her childhood was easily normal, except that Romi was a bit more strong-headed than her siblings.

Sample RP: Being an early riser, Romi didn’t bother snagging her soft leather shoes as she crept on the tips of her toes down the hallway. She paused only for a moment to listen to her parents’ soft breathing from their door, stretching her leg over a wood board that normally squeaked. As soon as she reached the end of the hallway, her toes carried her on a quicker pace, leading her to the back door where she pushed against it with her fingers, feeling the coolness of it beneath her touch. As soon as a grin lit her features, someone cleared their throat behind her, causing her to freeze while her heart leapt. Romi whirled on the spot, silent, as her light blue eyes fell upon the image of her second-older brother. Her gaze narrowed into a glare and she crossed her arms over her small chest. Her brother only returned the glance with one of exasperation.
“Just don’t be late for your lessons,” he muttered, waving a hand at her while his other grasped his tea. She stuck her tongue out at him in a very younger-sister-ish way before darting outside. Romi inhaled the air of early morning, the scents of ocean in the distance and fresh dew reaching her and filling her with a certain excitement that only early morning could bring. Mostly everyone else was just now getting up, while she sprinted out to her favorite spot where a large tree loomed before her. Grinning, she began to climb, her hands and feet grasping at their familiar holds until she hefted herself upon a large, thick limb. Light and quick, she pulled her Glider from her back and zipped to the edge of the branch before launching herself off. Procuring a gust of wind, she made sure the current caught the underside of her Glider’s wings, sending her forward smoothly. Trickles of cool air brushed against her cheeks, causing a gentle smile to brush against her lips, teasing the corners of her mouth. This was what happiness was.

Character Box: I have no idea what this is
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PostSubject: Re: Romi Kumagae   Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:28 am

Hey, apologies for not getting to this sooner.
So, a few things, real quick.
4'12" is equal to 5'0". jsut sayin' :B

also, here is what a character box is, and why it's awesome. Smile

and last but not least, I need to know what tier your character is in: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, or Master? clarify those things for me and we will probably be able to approve this right quick. sorry again for the delay.


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Romi Kumagae
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