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 Did i burn your car? - A wise word from Aki

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PostSubject: Did i burn your car? - A wise word from Aki   Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:38 pm

Full Name: Aki Ni San
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Element: Fire for the win!
Birthplace: A small village in the fire nation.
Position: Im a Expert Firebender if i say so myself!
Training: Expert Firebender, I have two swords that i can set on fire.

Personality: Smart, Atletic, Often friendly, Very sassy. I usally pick on my friends in a joking way. I dont know really much about emotions since i have asperger.

Abilities: Strong Fire sheild, Fire blast, Fire Jet, Fire proof. Im abit afraid of fire but i think i can handle it!

Appearance: Jet black hair, Combat boots, Sometimes leather gloves. I have a grey jacket and a light grey shirt. I got brown tights. A leather peice hanging from her thights and a neckless shaped as a wolf. She has two scars on her arms like something scratched her their.
Height: 1,70
Weight: I dont know but im pretty fit!
Eyes: Light yellow.
Hair: Jet black messy hair with side cut.
Skin: Abit pale with a few scars here and there.

Weaponry & Other Gear: I wear two small iron stick with leather wrapped around them. If i shake them they turn into two swords. Through the swords can i bend lightning and fire.

Item Name[/b] Twin swords of the sun.
: Leather, Iron from the deepest mines.
Description: Look up to wepondry and other gear.

History: When she was little she was out having a picnick with her parents but she just learned to walk and when her parents looked away she walked off. She fell into a hole in the ground were a big red dragon lived. It was captured their cause rocks had blocked the entrence only a few small animals could get in an out. Thats how the dragon suvived. She was a fire bender but she was to small to learn the basics. Since the dragons are the original fire benders she learned from the dragon how to fire bend. When she was 12 she was strong enough to move some rocks she set the dragon free. When she walked out of the cave she was so happy that she could cry. She saw a village near by. It must be were she lived. She ran happily to the roof tops that she saw from the hill but she froze when she saw that the hole village had buned down. Only a few houses were strong enough to carry the roof. Terrified of the harsh truth she started walking and she soon made it to republic city were she started working in a shop for a nice lady. She lived in the apartment over the shop were the nice lady lived. The nice lady was named Anju Ela. She lived happily in Republic City since.

Sample RP: Aki was baking Cupcakes in the little Shop with Anju and they told jokes to eachother and laughed in the kitchen when suddenly the door plinged that a customer came. "Ill take it" Aki said as she laughed and walked to the desk were she stopped laughing. Two men stod and watched her. "Is this what you do for a living?" One of them asked with a seriuse tone. Both had light brown coats, black hats and black shades. I staired at them. "What?" she asked.

Character Box:
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PostSubject: Re: Did i burn your car? - A wise word from Aki   Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:35 am

Unfortunately, this is going to need to be entirely redone. foremost, none of your word counts qualify for the expert tier, or even the beginner tier for that matter. Furthermore, the history is a little far-fetched and hard to really buy or believe.
Another note worthy of mention is that usernames have to match characters names, so please change that too.

Also, there are a lot of spelling and grammar issues here. I can give you the benefit of the doubt if English is not your first language, but otherwise there's no excuse.
But yeah... that's what's gonna have to change.


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Did i burn your car? - A wise word from Aki
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