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 Robin Miyamoto

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PostSubject: Robin Miyamoto   Robin Miyamoto EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 5:59 pm

Full Name: Shizuka Farro
Alias: Robin Miyamoto
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Fire Nation Capitol
Position: Crimelord
Firebending: Master Level
Lightning: Master Level
Charisma: Master Level

Personality: (346/300)
Robin is a cool and cunning woman who is a master at the art of charisma and persuasion. Conversely, or perhaps because of her own antics, she is generally slow to ever trust anyone  on her own. While she is fiercely independent, she does enjoy being able to command and control other people, although usually does it in voluntary ways, or in ways where the person thinks that they are doing it themselves when they are really bending to Robin's will.
Deep down, Robin is a serious control-freak with few concerns for the consequences. She is willing to do things simply to say that she did them, or best someone to prove who was in control. As a result, she gets very finnicky or panicky when she loses control of a situation, although this is very rare considering that she is a cunning strategist.
Her skills as a strategist are second to none. She is a cunning tactician who uses whatever tricks and games she can to her advantage, and devises a slew of backup plans for any great operation. Generally--the grander the plan, the more fallback plans she has for it, should one or more of them fail or become impossible.
Driven by boundless ambition, Robin is a swift-thinker and a doer, with the skills to back herself up. She is ruthless and clever, willing to go to whatever lengths to get what she wants, even if it involves hostility. She is not afraid to lash out at an enemy if her grip and/or control on a situation starts to falter... Or perhaps she is just frightened, or even feels tormented, which might explain why she would lash out. She has had a long history with authority and being under people, and so she is more than willing to embrace her newfound freedom and control--and use it to get back at the very world that subdued her. Whatever the case, she is a formidable force both mentally and in terms of abilities--and she is not afraid to use it to her advantage.

Abilities: (312/300)
Robin is an incredibly disciplined and talented firebender, able to shoot flames of various sizes and lengths. She can launch herself high in the air with flames towards the ground, letting the recoil launch her skyward. she is able to almost instantly surround close targets with flames, and is competent at launching fireballs at nearly any distance.
However, her real power lies with her ability to manipulate lightning. A close attunement to the element has allowed her to be able to adjust that amperage and voltage of her strikes, allowing her a wide and diverse scale of tricks, and changing whether her lightning attacks are more likely to stun, or more likely to kill. Luckily for the world, she seems to prefer stunning and paralysis over death and killing. As a master over this sub-element, she is also able to redirect most lightning attacks sent at her back at her assailants. She is fast and light on her feet, able to stay out of trouble most of the time.
Perhaps her greatest talent though, is her ability to set a scene. She is a known criminal, although no matter how hard people try, they are unable to link any evidence to her crimes, for there are no living witnesses and she is able to tamper with evidence in such devious ways that it always leads would-be apprehenders to a dead-end.
Robin is a master tactician, able to formulate plans and backup plans and contingency plans and anything in between. If it exists, she probably has a plan for it. If it's not foolproof, she has a backup plan. If it is, she has one anyways. Her cunning and sweet-talking have earned her many supporters, some more willing than others. Everything she does has a purpose, even if it's to get back at a world that tried to force her under its control.

Appearance: (295/240) image!
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 133 lbs
Eyes: Gold
Hair: White
Skin: Light
Robin is a beautiful lady who has aged very well, often looking younger than she is. Perhaps most curious is her soft white hair that she usually wears in two long ponytails on either side of her head, which in turn helps her be easily recognized. As such, she has to be extra careful when making sure crimes do not get traced back to her.
Her pale skin and yellow eyes are normal for the Fire Nation though, as is her facial structure and the shape of her body. Her clothes, however, are also very distinct, and they reflect who she is as a person, and in how she maintains proper hygiene almost to a fault.
Her basic clothing includes a red set of trousers and a shirt, adorned with lines and other certain patterns which do not appear at first glance to hold any real significant meaning. At her waist is a large belt overlapped by a pair of smaller ones, and a small skirt-like frock in front of her hips. she wears large dark boot-like coverings that go to her knee, with sides that rise past the knee, but leave the front and back open as to not inhibit movement of her joints. Removing these reveals an ordinary pair of shoes in black and gold.
Over top of all of this she wears a large, black hooded jacket adorned with gold and red patterns, and with a red interior. she usually keeps the hood down, letting the garment's high collar protect her neck, so to speak. there are large golden-colored cuffs on the sleeves, leaving a little room for her nimble hands to poke out. All in all, she appears as a very regal and professional figure--an image she seeks to maintain.

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Item Name: Lightning Sword
Materials: Copper, Silver, Steel
Description: Owing to the conductivity of silver and copper, Robin elected to use them as materials for her sword. Embedded near the hilt of the weapon is a battery that works as something of a generator, allowing an electrical current to flow through the sword, and also allowing it to act as a lightning rod, so to speak. Anyone can wield the electrical weapon, although only those able to manipulate and channel lightning are able to "recharge" the generator once the "battery" runs dry. The sword itself is a jagged W-shaped object with points at each of the jagged ends, making it especially painful in combat should it strike.

History: (796/720)
Robin's backstory is one plagued with totalitarianism, control, and ambition both of the good and bad variety. Her early childhood family, whose names she will not speak of this day, were strict an controlling, molding their little girl into a soldier and a fighter. While this did help her quickly move up the ranks in combat and firebending, it caused a sense of unrest to develop in the child. Born Shizuka Farro, to a family unquestionably loyal to the authority of the time, she was taught and raised to respect authority and to accept discipline.
Robin was 50% okay with this. she did not mind the discipline, finding that the results of these teachings showed in her budding skills, but did not like the idea of accepting something as being right just because a higher-up said it was true. However, any of her dreams or potential dreams of questioning authority were crushed and kept quiet, allowing the youngster to bottle them up all through her childhood and teenage years. It was not until the early life and being pushed into the military that she learned what it was like to question orders.
It meant trouble and it meant pain, and it meant rejection. It meant fighting a madman's war for almost nothing in return. It meant facing the wrathful end of her parents' emotions, and becoming the recipient of great suffering, or so she would always make it out to be. Whatever the case, it was clear that Shizuka was struggling for freedom of some sort, and that she could not be contained forever.
However, it was not to say that there were no happy times in Robin's life before adulthood. Coming from a rich family that believed in discipline also meant that she received some of the best teachers that money could buy, both for her bending skills and other things. She became a very proficient firebender and even learned how to control and manipulate lightning as she grew older. Her fondness of research and knowledge also led her to learn how to not only control lightning, but the secrets behind controlling the voltage and amperage, which in turn allowed her lightning skills to go to great lengths and levels.
It was this that allowed her to go far in the military, but shortly before the War of Tipped Scales began properly, Shizuka did something rather bold and audacious, that would have resulted in her death if she was caught--she deserted.
She fell off of the face of the map for several years, living in secret in the remote regions of the Fire Nation, Water Tribe, or Earth Kingdom, travelling almost constantly to prevent being found. Even when she did occasionally get discovered (usually because of her white hair), she had the cunning, charisma, and cash to keep any would-be discoverers at bay. Also by this time, she had dropped her real name and her surname and picked up the title "Robin Miyamoto". She was free, and more importantly, there was no one to control her.
She gloried in this newfound freedom, but was still never fully satisfied. the world had gone to great lengths to control her... and so now she would go to great lengths to control the world.
Any last hope of her identity being recovered was lost after Novai was executed, for her parents were among his most loyal followers and received a similar fate. Shizuka Farro was no more, and Robin was here to stay.
Opportunity arose once more once Robin heard of Zulera City, and so she was one of the first ones there to establish her control and her authority. She played by the rules most of the time, simply living the golden rule as the avatar had said, but overall, her scheming was cunning and manipulative. Zulera City was a trap in the makings--its promises of fame and fortune luring many in, but only ever letting a few come out on top.
Robin was going to make sure she was one of these. Driven by boundless ambition, her goal was to show the world one day, just how powerful her level of control was. Robin's life had always been about control, after all... regardless of whether she was the one controlling or being controlled.
And that is where she is now. She runs a large portion of the undercity as a crimelord, skilled enough to deflect any evidence that would have otherwise pointed her way, and silencing any witnesses that could have called her out. Most notably, she also secretly owns the city's power plant, posing as a humble worker in the meantime, which in turn gave her powerful (no pun intended) control over the city. In a lawless society... Robin was able to thrive.

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Robin Miyamoto

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PostSubject: Re: Robin Miyamoto   Robin Miyamoto EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 12:13 am

Approved have fun with her Zul. I know I will Razz

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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Robin Miyamoto
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