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 Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED

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Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED   Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED EmptyTue Jan 13, 2015 11:04 pm

Full Name: Salvatore Maranzano
Age: 50
Element: None
Birthplace: Fire Fountain City
Position: Mob Boss Leader / CEO of Cabbage Corp
Training: Chess [Master]
Pai Sho [Master]
Tactics [Master]
Mathematician [Master]
IQ of 240 [Genius]

Hand-to-Hand [Intermediate]
Small Weapons [Intermediate]
Cooking [Beginner]
Thievery [Years ago. Couldn't do it now]


Marazano isn't like other mob bosses out there in the world. They rule with fear, weapons, and blackmail. Marazano, most commonly known as "Zano", rules with money and intellect. Although his own people have weapons of their own, he keeps the bulk of weapons off the streets in a warehouse, hopefully never to be used.
He is a man who gets what he wants, whether that's stabbing a friend in the back (Although he would hate doing it), or interrogating and torturing people. He is a man of his word, and respects integrity and honor. He never deals with children, that's his big thing. There are also rumors of him saving children from criminals and thugs alike, never wanting payment or favors. Of course, those are but rumors.
Although his dislike for open violence and, he wouldn't be afraid to cut someones throat, or watching someone else do it.
He leads through example. He doesn't send his people into a death trap, or on a suicide mission. Only picking the right missions for his best people. He always makes sure that he would be willing to do something before sending his people in. Because of this, the men and women under his control respect him greatly, will do almost anything he asks, and none challenge him. He always, ALWAYS, has another way out.
In his spare time, he enjoys sipping on his various teas from around the world while reading on the adventures and wise words of The Western Dragon.
Another thing unlike most mob bosses, is he is virtually asexual. He doesn't really care much for it. There are better things to be doing. He doesn't condone sex or anything, and will sometimes higher the good ladies for his people. Although he never participates in any of the activities.
He holds his best friends in the highest regards, and hates, more than anything, disloyalty and betrayal. His bodyguard who is with him any time Zano is seen, is the friend he grew up with in the Fire Nation Boy’s Home. This bodyguard rarely speaks, some of the people under Zano are convinced that she’s a mute. She poised as a boy all her life, and even fooled the adults when she was put into the boys home. Although she now fully embraces her feminism, she is still a huge tomboy. She still goes by the name of 'Anthony'
Marazano has many talents, most of them intellectual. He knows economics, mathematics, probability, ect. He is also a master strategist, practically unrivaled in Pai Sho and especially chess. He was a knack for planning ahead and gathering information on people and subjects. With this skill, he’s able to notice great potential in seemingly normal individuals.
He is a master at Pai Sho and Chess, things he also taught himself with some advisement from his peers, but mostly just playing with people. He learned the game through trial and error, like everything else he had done in his early years. He has many of his own strategies, not found in books or other teacher’s knowledge. He understands most of the almost infinite possibilities of the chess board.
He can keep people in line, whether it’s through bribery, blackmail, or an inspirational speech(which come very naturally to him). Most of his people look froward to them. He is also a huge problem solver, of course, but helps a lot of his people out when they are in a pickle. Although through all of his respect from his people, he makes sure to maintain credibility and to stay a little bit always. He had reputation to maintain.
Within a month, he could ruin a cities economy through his control of Cabbage Corp trade routes and sales. He’s that connected. Because he is that good.
Aside from his intellect, he is a rather fine cook. Not the best chef, but can make a mean omlet. He taught himself how to cook, experimenting with different spices and ingredients while in the boys home. Was he supposed to be cooking in the Boys home? No. Did anyone complain when he cooked? Not after the first few weeks they didn't, especially when he made his own special omelets.
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Black/Dark Brown
Hair: White, bald on top
Skin: White
Always making a point to look nice, he does it well. Wearing usually a blazer and dress shirt, he will also have a tie and barrette on at some times. He is a slightly bigger man, but is in no ways fat or chubby. Just a thicker man. He always has his glasses on, except nights when he obviously needs them off to sleep. He has balded over his long years, only leaving hair for the sides of his head and back with some thin strands on the top of his head, which he keeps short for obvious reasons. His eyes can look soulless from time to time, like when he is interrogating or about to watch something go down, but are always a dark brown or even straight black in the right light. He has a scar on his right palm, a scar he doesn't like to talk about often.

(This next paragraph is a description of him at a park, watching the birds. A place he could be commonly found if not by the waterfront, taking a stroll)

He sits on a local park bench, reading one of his favorite stories from the early adventures of The Western Dragon. He is dressed fairly well, a barrette on his head and a thick stylish coat wrapped around him. It was a fairly cold morning. If it wasn't for all of the different species of birds that were introduced to Zulera City, there probably wasn't a reason for him to be out this early. His breath turned into white smoke as it left his mouth. He licked his finger to turn the page, a small shiver coursing through him from the sudden cold on his finger. His eyes dashed across the page, reading at a level far beyond what a 50 year old man should be able to do. He finished the chapter, closed the book, and tucked it inside of his coat. He simply sat and watched the birds. Their colors, their different colors, it was a beauty to him. Several people passed him by, not knowing or suspecting what kind of man he was. He chuckled to himself at that, leaning back against the back of the bench.
One bird came and hopped up onto the bench, staring straight at him, tilting his head curiously. Salvator lowered his hand slowly,  his palm upward and open. The bird hops inside, and the man smiles. He lifts the bird to eye level with him, staring into it’s intelligent eyes. It turned it’s head at a close by bird call, and flew off. Just a few more minutes of sitting on this bench, then his day would begin. (419)

Born into a lowly home in Fire Fountain City, he didn't grow up with much. His father was nowhere, so Salvatore and his mother fended for each other. At the low age of eight, he discovered the body of his murdered mother, Asuko Letiat.
Some time afterwards, Salvatore went to live in a group home. After a few long years in the boys home, He encountered Anthony, a mysterious silent boy who is always covered up,became fast friends with Salvatore. Li, a nicely dressed and groomed boy with a secret. The three being close friends but were treated to harsh discipline while in the home. Li and Anthony were drastically below Salvatore’s age, but Salvatore nor Li or Anthony cared.
When Salvatore first met Anthony, he was sitting on the stairs by himself. Salvatore found this intriguing, and Anthony was the first person he talked to other than the adults, even though Salvatore had been there for years. He learned that the other boys thought Anthony was wierd. He was a bit frailer than the others, and he did some things differently than the other boys. And so they shunned him. Anthony wasn't one to put down awkwardness.
Salvatore and Li met when Li had tried to sneak out of the boys home and run away. He had managed to steal the keys, and was on his way out when he accidentally woke up Salvatore. Salvator tried to stop Li, and they got into a quite argument as Li was walking towards the door. Right before Li reached the front door, Salvatore reached forward and grabbed the keys from his hand. The keys fell to the floor, making a loud noise. After Salvatore scooped them up and kept them away from Li, the owner of the boys home came into the hallway and demanded what the problem was. Salvatore knew what kind of harsh punishment could befall Li if the owner knew it was Li who was trying to leave. So, Salvatore took the punishment for him by looking ashamed, and saying that he was trying to leave, and Li was stopping him. Salvatore was severely punished, but Li and him became solid friends for life after Li pledged to do anything for Salvatore.
A popular game in the boys home was Chess. Pai Sho was a close second, but most boys couldn't understand it well, so Chess came in first. Salvatore began to learn this game, think of strategies. He lost some games and won some, always discarding strategies that didn't work, and strengthening those that did. Within a year at the boys home, no one could beat him at the game.
The boys home also had a small library, which Salvatore read almost every book. It was also the place where Li, Anthony and him always went to when hang out. Salvatore found old school textbooks inside, and read those too, getting far ahead of his age. Of these many books in the library, he found one that fascinated him the most. He read it hundreds of times throughout his lifetime so far, and dozens at his time at the boys home. Western Dragon.
On one encounter with Anthony, he found out that he was actually a she. Salvatore had walked into the bedroom at the wrong time, seeing Anthony with only a bra on. Her real name she didn't disclose until years later, but she revealed almost everything to Salvatore, if only he didn't tell anyone else. Li later found out through Anthony telling him herself.
Anthony was the daughter of an Earth Kingdom Soldier and a Water Tribe Healer. The father had wanted a son, and after the mother died in labor, he was distant from Anthony. He still taught her all of the things that he would have to his son, except for Anthony was a Water Bender, and was hoping to be an earthbender. Because of her smaller frame, he taught her archery, and she became really quite good. She didn't develop her water bending skills, although she tried to practice on her own. She always went out on full moons, knowing that her powers dramatically increased when it was out. She eventually learned that she could do things to animals. Never big stuff, but she could bend their blood and change their heart rates. She could make the animals scared, or calm. When she told her father about this, he told her to never do it again, thinking that she had harmed the animals. After her telling him that she would never hurt them, he relented. On day, on a trip to the Fire Nation, her dad had gotten in a bar fight and was killed on accident, on of the men stabbing a broken bottle through his throat. Anthony hid her identity and dressed up as a boy, hiding her face as much as she could. She was then put into the Boys home, being mistaken for a boy.
Salvatore had his suspicions about Li. He didn't move like the other boys, and the other boys liked to show off their bending skills. Li didn't seem like the type to have no bending. No, he moved fluidly, swiftly, which made him look so much more like the gentleman he always dressed up as. In a test, Salvatore threw a lamp at him while in their room. Li held up his hands and stopped it by blasting air at it. He was an airbender.

A few years later, and Salvator eventually entered the foster system, and eventually moved in with his foster mother, Kerrigan Yeti, a manicurist. It was a miracle that he and his two best friends went to the same school. One day at school, a fight broke out involving him, Li, and Anthony. Salvatore sustained wounds, but not as much as the kid who called him a bastard.  
Kerrigan was a loving foster mother who treated Salvatore well. When he was assigned a project in school researching his family tree, he asked his foster mother if she was willing to help him research his father. Knowing who he is, she encouraged him to let it go. Salvatore felt like he has no identity, but Kerrigan teaches him that he can create his own identity rather than getting it from the family he never knew. It became a critical lesson in his life.
Despite his foster mother's urgings, Salvatore wanted to know who his father was, believing he can be part of a family. In a restaurant after school with Li and Anthony, Salvatore met his father, Maranzano, a mafia Don with whom his mother had an affair, at a restaurant. Salvator was exiting a booth to leave, and ran into Maranzano. Maranzano recognized his illegitimate son after one of his friends with him said that it looked like Maranzano. Maranzano promised Salvatore a place in his organization as long as he remains loyal, tenacious, and capable. Salvatore wished his friends to be in as well, after they both agreed, of course. Maranzano said that they could, on one condition. If Salvatore could beat Maranzano in a chess match. Salvatore excepted this challenge, Li and Anthony knowing he would win easily. After being obliterated by 14 year old Salvator, Maranzano dismissed him as the throw-away son of one of his women on the side behind Salvatore’s back.
Salvatore began working in Maranzano's organization, learning the ropes, and was eager to earn his approval. Although he appeared to be advancing in the ranks, in time, Salvatore discovered that Maranzano had lied to him, and had ordered his execution. He was taken into the woods by two of Maranzano's hit men. Salvator tried to fight back, but couldn't win. Li and Anthony came to his rescue, and with their help, they killed the hit men, and escaped. Salvator sustained a wound on his left palm which created a scar when he grabbed the garrote around his throat. (Garrote is strong razor wire you use to slice people’s throats) The experience solidifies Salvatore's determination to seek revenge against the father who denied him.
He and his friends went underground, laying low. Maranzano knew that they had escaped. Salvatore contacted various members of the mob who he knew would sympathize with Salvatore. Once he gained what he needed on the inside, he contacted Maranzano’s money man, and forced him over onto his side. He practically ruined Maranzano, and then confronted him. Maranzano tried to kill his son, but Anthony stepped in and put arrows into him.
Salvator became head of the Mafia at the age of twenty. He grew his empire back up after he had crippled it, but had new rules in place. He was good to his people. He paid them more, he gave them off time, he gave them gifts, but always stayed at a distance. Li and Anthony became his first officers, even though they were only in their low pre-teens. After a few years, Salvatore took on the name Maranzano. People already had forgotten the fear that had been with that name, and Salvator wanted the name for himself. His people eventually started to call him ‘Zano’ for short. Only his Officers called him Salvatore.
Zano’s mafia empire grew out all across the Fire Nation, but Zano was smart. Almost no body, not the police or any other individual, knew of his mafia. He made it look as if there were separate mafia’s still, never leading on to the fact that they were all one. The small business’ were getting too insignificant to bring in the amount of money that Zano was getting. So, he planned a “meeting” with the CEO of Cabbage Corp. CC was a small but wealthy business that spanned the globe.
Zano ‘accidentally’ ran into him one day, and acted friendly. He never let on that he knew who the man really was. Eventually, through conversation, he ‘found out’ and was surprised. After a few more months of proving to Mr. Cabbage that he could work for him, he was hired as a chairman of the board. After gaining allies inside the board, he had one of his hit men murder Mr. Cabbage, and framed the one member of the board that was opposed to Zano, and Mr. Cabbage. Zano was then elected to be the new CEO of Cabbage Corp.
Decades past, and Zano is now in his 50th year of living. He hears about the new Zulera City springing up. He waited till it was open for a few weeks, then opened up shop for Cabbage Corp, and built several large warehouses. Using his ownership of other small companies, he also set up hotels and restaurants all over the place. (1,785)

**Required of ALL Master Tier Characters**

Character Box: With Sample RP within (500 words minimum, must be from applied character's point of view)


Zano's personal bodyguard from afar, she never has one face. She is a Cameleon, able to take on all forms and looks. She is very impressive with a bow, but has very small waterbending skills. The thing that makes her most unique is her small use, and almost only use, of blood bending. She can sence people pulse rates, and if she is close enough, can alter them. She is currently researching the brain and how blood flows through that, to closer understand how to use her abilities better. (Of course, only on NPC's can she alter heart rate and such. But the pulse reading will be for everyone)

Mood: Unknown
Condition: Ready To Fire


Almost always nearby, Li is a very capable salesmen, charmer, and bedder. He gets around with the ladies, but never has one for to long, as his own respect to keep working for Zano keeps him busy. He is a cunning escape artist and thief, and is more capable with hand-to-hand fighting.

Mood: Happy
Condition: Whistling


Alphonse is a little autistic, never being able to fully bend the way he wants to. He almost always bends too hard or too powerfully, and can never get the right precision down. He is primarily a metal bender, and with his condition, acts very quickly, making him very able in hand-to-hand combat. He has a sort of Hero complex, and is always there to help when called on.

Mood: Happy
Condition: Perfect


Sukarre is a temperamental older woman, a little bit younger than Zano. She has outstanding firebending skills, and is the best fighter beside "Anthony". She can make you sweat just by being in the room. Whether that's your fault or hers, it doesn't matter. She can hide her emotions pretty well, but has a history of snapping at people, although she has learned to control it a bit and calm down.

Mood: Unknown
Condition: Practically Perfect

Salvatore Maranzano

He stood up from his park bench, making sure his old book was tucked safely and carefully inside his coat, not to fall out. He took a deep breath of the cold winter morning air, then got on his way. He didn't get far down the busy sidewalk, completely surrounded by people trying to get where they were going, until he heard gasps and noises of exclaim from behind him. He turned his head to see a man pushing through the crowed. He got closer, and Zano didn't seem to care. A woman cried out in fright, and Zano looked back again.
The man was now holding a long sharp knife above his head, right next to Zano. Before he could start bringing down the knife, two arrows thudded into his chest, protruding from his heart and lung. He was dead before he hit the ground, and Zano shuffled away from the body, trying to look every bit of panic as the next guy. He scanned the rooftops to see a lone figure, standing there. He gave a small nod, then turned around. And he continued on with his day.


By typing your Forum name below, you acknowledge that your Master-Tier Character requires a considerable degree of activity(to be judged by our staff), and that you are subject to removal from your position of your Master-Tier Character if site staff unanimously decide you are not fulfilling this required level of activity in an undue respect. This judgement will also apply if abuse of this position occurs, whether in or out of character (IC or OOC).
Salvatore Maranzano

"Civilization rests on the principle that we treat our criminals better than they treated their victims, that we not stoop to their level. But you and I are outliers; we're not really a part of civilization. We're something... older. Which means, of course, that we can do the things that civilized people can't. Today, those civilized people will know we are here. And may the oppressor with the wit about him expect us." - Salvatore Marazano, to his officers

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Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED   Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 12:27 am

Very nice indeed. Approved

You need one more to RP

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED   Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 12:36 am

Looks good to me, just be reasonable about the bloodbending as usual.

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Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED   Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 12:39 am

Yeah, of course. Thanks!

"Civilization rests on the principle that we treat our criminals better than they treated their victims, that we not stoop to their level. But you and I are outliers; we're not really a part of civilization. We're something... older. Which means, of course, that we can do the things that civilized people can't. Today, those civilized people will know we are here. And may the oppressor with the wit about him expect us." - Salvatore Marazano, to his officers
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Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED   Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED Empty

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Salvatore Maranzano "The New King" FINISHED
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