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 Inner Harbor

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PostSubject: Inner Harbor   Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:18 am

Many considered the Northen Water Tribe City, the most defended place in this world. Like the great walls of Ba Sing Se, the cities' icy walls are not only unshakeable but easily rebuildable. However after the war, the cities code of isolation became a fruitless endeavor. To strengthen their ties with their Southern brothers, and grow as whole, they would have to open their docks eventually.

Any boats who approach the great city will see a wall of blue Ice right infront of them. After years of planning the water tribe now extended their walls further out into their seas. As the ships aproach the outer walls, guards ontop of the walls icy barracks bend down to the water and ask questions and provide searches to those who wish to enter. Once they deemed the travelers ok, benders split the wall in half to allow the ships to pass. However once they pass the wall, they found themselves looking at the inner wall of the city.

A stretch of water lies between the outer and inner wall. An iceberg floating casually in this expanse of sea. Once the ships reach the inner wall, they find old designs depicting the epic battle between the water tribe and the fire nation. The guards on the inner wall bends icy docks that protude from the walls. As the ships are docked, the benders finally open the inner gate, to show the iced and clear city of the Northen Water Tribe.
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PostSubject: Re: Inner Harbor   Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:29 pm

Efrain wrote:

Efrain Nomaru

The air was crisp and cold as usual, as Efrain boared the medium sized Tribal boat. Her face was unusally light and happy at the fact that she gets to visit her Southern brothers and sisters. Never before had she seen the Southern Water Tribe. She had on the normal tribal attire, except with the Nomaru clan symbol etched into the hem of her sleeves. As she made sure all her items was in her seal skin pack, the rest of the shipmates came unboard. The first who came on was her twin brother Tutari. To her annoyance he wored the same thing as her. She knows that tribal attire are limited in design, but their Nomaru for moons sake!
She sighed and looked out to the sea irritated. Tutari feeling his sister ire, decided to rip his right sleeve, leaving his arm bare. Efrain turned her head to the noise and almost laughed. She walked up to him and slapped his muscled bare arm lightly.

" Stop encouraging me to act like monster, otherwise i'll become just that!"

It was meant as a joke, but Tutari faced scrunched in confusion. Efrain sighed and shook her head as the rest of the crew came on board. Five Nomaru Clan waterbenders. They wore the tribal waterbending outfits with the mark of the water tribe on the upper part of their forehead. The Nomaru clan symbol was designed into the hems of each of their outfits. They eached pulled back their hoods to reveal, three males and two females. Tutari turned to them and nodded. They each returned the nod as they went to their positions on the boat. Efrain could never understand how others understood Tutari's silent nod signals, even as his twin she found it difficult on what he was thinking. She sighed again and she walked to the sterring wheel. The grib it firmly as her brother set in the back of the ship infront of a drum.

" Setting sail!"

As she said this the waterbenders pushed the boat from the icy docks and to the outer gate. As they went through outstretched water, Efrain turned her head slightly. She stared at the Nomaru estate with abit of dread, recalling that they had to come back as soon as possible. She ignored that thought from her mind as they reached the outgate. The Waterbenders on the gate notice the ships clan symbol on the sail as they bended the gate open. Immediatly Tutari beated the drum and the waterbenders followed it's rythm as they passed the gate.

Efrain was finally out of the Northern Water Tribe. Even if it were for a little while, her face showed a clear happiness. She then turned the wheel directly to their destination; the Southern Water Tribe.


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Inner Harbor
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