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 Akuma Pathik {WIP}

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PostSubject: Akuma Pathik {WIP}   Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:18 pm

Full Name: Akuma Pathik
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Element: Water
Birthplace: Waiz outpost, 100 miles east of Southern Water Tribe
Position: Traveling Healer

Healing - Expert
Spirituality - Expert
Waterbending* - Expert
Bloodbending* - Expert
Medicine - Intermediate
Martial Arts Basic
Worldly Knowledge - Basic
Navigation - Basic
Survival - Basic
Foraging - Basic
Sailing - Basic
Hunting - Basic
Trapping - Basic

*See Abilities Section


Akuma is a bit of a strange individual, but that is mostly because he is a bit messed up in the had from his years in his village. He has an emotional attachment to a few of his things that no one should have an attachment to, which would be the bodies of his parents. He keeps these in a casket that he carries around on his back at all times, and when questioned about it, he simply states that he is a traveling coroner or perhaps he'll lie and tell people that he is looking for a spiritual place to bury them, should it be discovered that there are actually dead bodies inside of the casket. Carrying around the casket has made him very strong over the years, but he still has very little idea how to defend himself in a hand to hand confrontation. He is a confident healer, and a fairly modest person most of the time, but if he ever needed to actually fight someone, it's almost as if a switch is flipped, giving him a bit of a blood lust, and changes his normally caring and honest personality to one that needs to defeat whoever is threatening him. He needs to hurt them, and make sure that they can never wrong him again, as this is the philosophy around his self-preservation.

He has a very slight outdoorsman sense to him, as he had to survive in sub-arctic temperature and environments for a while after he left his village. He was fairly isolated, so he isn't very open with people, and doesn't quite open up to new people very well, although he tries to interact with as many people as he can. This makes him come off as a bit of a fake person, but that's simply because his past is very dark and he doesn't want to tell anyone, as he sort of wants to forget the whole event. He simply can't forget something that horrible in his past, as it involved the deaths of a lot of people in his life, including his parents. He has trust issues as well, although once you gain his trust, he has very unshakable faith and trust in you, and considers you a friend for life, although he still won't fully open up to anyone, regardless of how he feels about them.


Healer: Akuma is a very good healer, and is exceptional in all things related to healing using water bending. He can heal most light wounds instantly, and can help deep wounds close or calm down someone who is on the verge of death. He can't heal gigantic wounds or re-attach limbs should they be severed, but he can essentially cure and treat anything other than grievous or near fatal wounds.

Spirituality: Akuma is very spiritual, as he grew up in a place with a lot of spirit energy, and has a natural knack for entering the spirit world and communing with the spirits. He is a friend with the spirits, and he feels that he has a better time communing with the spirits then he has talking with normal every day people.

Waterbending: A very competent water bender, Akuma is very strong with the advanced concepts of water bending, such as ice and fog, although he has a very hard time moving large amounts of water. He simply can't move any more water that double his body size, which isn't a lot at all considering some other benders and their abilities. However, he can manipulate water much more fluidly and more advanced, allowing him to create intricate shapes and forms and control them.

Bloodbending: A very powerful skill, blood bending, it's the ability to control the blood within one's body. Akuma is a strong blood bender, but simply can't control the blood in other peoples' bodies, unless they are dead. He uses this ability exclusively to manipulate the bodies of the dead. The blood of the deceased is super cooled and the flesh of the body frozen, which allows Akuma to have very strong control over the body, allowing it to move quickly, and the body is very strong, almost as strong as metal in the regard that frozen flesh is very dense and hard. This is essentially his only method of fighting someone else.

Medicine and Other Skills: He has fairly good knowledge in medicine, including plants and their usage in numbing, poisoning, and other things regarding to their effects on the body. His basic skills in surviving and foraging allow him to find medicinal plants around the area and make makeshift medicine, antiseptics, minor numbing salves, etc. If he has access to more rare plants around the area, he can make powerful healing salves and poisons. He has basic knowledge of survival, hunting, trapping, cooking, sailing, etc.

Physical Skills: Akuma has very little in terms of physical skills, as he hasn't really had to defend himself with his hands or fight with his fists at all. He mostly used traps on the animals, and hasn't really fought anyone, other than a spar he had where someone was trying to teach him very basic self-defense. He is very physically strong and toned, but has no idea how to use his strength for much of anything. He has carried around heavy weight for his entire life to gain his strength.

Appearance: Akuma is a fairly tall, slender, but very attractive young man. He has very white hair, that he wears in a long ponytail, allowing the shorter bangs and sides to flow freely, sometimes getting in the way of his face, but overall it doesn't really hinder him. His ghostly white hair goes down to his lower back, or at least the ponytail does. He has icy blue eyes that seem to be a bit less than alive, as they are the eyes that have seen death first hand, and most experienced people such as warriors and other people who have participated in battles and other things involving the deaths of others will be able to tell. He usually has a good grin and smile on his face, and his teeth are extremely white. He has broad shoulders, but they aren't anything impressive, and he has a bit of muscle tone on him as well, mostly from surviving by himself while lugging around 400 or so pounds of dead weight with him everywhere he went. He wears water tribe garb that most people wouldn't find in the regular northern or southern water tribes, but it is fairly similar to the southern water tribe garb, because he lived in a village a fair bit a ways from there.
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: Icy Blue
Hair: White
Skin: Dark Tan

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Item Name Casket
Materials: Wood, Iron Nails
Description: A large casket that is large enough to fit two fully grown adults. The casket has two adults in the casket, and they are both of Akuma's parents, preserved by the cold and also preserved by mixing embalming fluid with blood.

History: (520)

Sample RP:*Optional only for members who have done a sample RP with an expert-tier character before* (420 words minimum, must be from character's point of view--3rd person and 1st person acceptable)

Character Box:
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Akuma Pathik {WIP}
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