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 If your character had a theme...

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PostSubject: If your character had a theme...   Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:46 pm

Ok so upon looking over a new profile, I noticed that a song was embedded into it (which was really a great idea, as music really adds a lot of feeling to the character).  

I have always had themes in mind for my characters, but I never thought of sharing them. So I decided to do just that and encourage you all to do the same!

I listed the characters, linked up the songs and left a little explanation of each.  I hope you all enjoy.

So here goes:

Tarek: Heart Of Courage -  I love this song, starts out so gentle but eventually builds up so well.  The whole gentle, yet powerful aspect of this song is what reminds me of Tarek

The Fire Lord and Lady:  Undying Love - So I am a real romantic (Love themes just get me) and I have never RP'd such a loving relationship as Tarek and Sanaki, so they get a whole theme of their own! xD

Daikon:  Leviathan - So Daikon is one seriously messed up SOB.  This song is so perfect for him, it has the creepy part in the beginning and then just erupts into full chaos.

Obsidian:  Occupation of Balmorra (Revan's theme)  Ok so this is the only one of the themes that actually comes from another franchise...but it is just too epic to pass up.  Perfect dark/battle music for the Vigilante Obsidian.

Oghren:  Warriors - This song is just plain epic!  Perfect for a red bearded barbarian!

Ryuu:  After the Fall - This song is just so laid back.  Perfect for an airbender like Ryuu.

Izanagi:  El Dorado - This song is just plain fun.  A nice match to the eccentric waterbender Izanagi.

Katsuo: Gods of Protection - If a song's description says 'relentless' then you got to know it's going to be awesome.  Reminds me of Tarek's hothead son.

Maya: Frozen Sun - This song is absolutely hypnotic and beautiful.  Just like the lovely Maya.

Tuezal Kai:  Moving Mountains - So I don't RP much with this guy, but I have big plans in store for him soon.  This song matches perfectly with the direction I am going with him.

Tulkas: Newton's Law - I can just picture Tulkas flying through the clouds when this song plays!

The White Lotus (Tarek, Zurok, Tulkas and Meili): Salvation Will Come - It is truly an epic occasion when all three members of the White Lotus get together.  This song is epic enough for the three of them Razz

and that's that.  Please feel free to share any themes or songs you guys have for your characters.  We'd all like to hear them.

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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PostSubject: Re: If your character had a theme...   Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:06 pm

I'ma do it too. Razz

Kyorin:  Love & Loss - It reminds me of how he lost his family, and his training to become the best at what he does, and becoming a badass.

Tzekel-Kan:  Invincible - It makes me imagine the calm before the storm in the first few seconds, and then Tzekel-Kan appears and an Epic Battle commences with whatever statue he's using.

Ros:  Protectors of the Earth - It gives me the sound of a bit of wonder in the beginning, when Ros was first being trained, but then his first battle, and all around sounds like a really cool warrior theme, which Ros will be in the near future.

Feren: Paradise Awaits - It makes me imagine Feren at a desk, designing and sketching down ideas, a time-lapse of his inventions being created and such.

Kazuto:  A Song of Storm and Fire - It makes me think of someone who just started out a journey, and even has a sound that could encompass several adventures. In the end, it get's a little epic for when Kazuto will eventually be a Master. And Vocals. I love those. <3

Salvatore Maranzano:Elias - This song is actually the theme for the character I based Zano off of. And I have to say, it still fits him. It's calm in the beginning, building up to something stronger and more sinister, much like Zano's own background. Then it fades out into nothing, much like Zano's group is in the shadows, never really revealed.

Sabastion: Pyrates Beware - For my quickly upcoming character, Sabastion. Wink

Beware a man with nothing to lose.
                                               -Kyorin Acer

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PostSubject: Re: If your character had a theme...   Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:13 am

I legitimately think this thread is such a cool idea, Props to you Tarek!

Kei: []Soundlife[/url]
- Kei is one of those types of people who would just lie down in a grass field under a starry night, looking up at the sky, thinking over all he's been through. Losing all that he cared for several times, nearly giving up on life itself. Yet he came back, dragged by his ambitious for a peaceful world.

Gan: Blackwater - Gan is a hostile individual, crushing anyone who stands in the way of what he desires. The Executor has no mercy.

The Dungeon Master: Journey Of The Sorcerer - Everyone has their own story, their own adventures. The events that can happen are endless in possibility in our infinite imagination.

(Doing these as well cause why not)

Xuri: Dies Irae (Verdi) - Whenever the Xuri show up, they quickly bring chaos and destruction to the area.

Xanxus: Yami... - Whenever this guy arrives, that's usually not a good thing.

Gomorrah: Nemesis - "Time was your ally human, but now it has abandoned you." A suiting phrase and song for the return of Gomorrah.

“I didn’t save your village because I wanted you morons to admire me, I did it because I wanted to!"
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PostSubject: Re: If your character had a theme...   Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:24 pm

Not to show off or anything but I actually wrote mine ;P

Da-Zho's theme .

"Why does everyone think I'm a dick?"
    -Dong Wang
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PostSubject: Re: If your character had a theme...   

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If your character had a theme...
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