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 Kazuto Yakamashi

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PostSubject: Kazuto Yakamashi   Kazuto Yakamashi EmptySun Jan 04, 2015 2:20 pm

Full Name: Kazuto Yakamashi
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Yakamashi Farms, Earth Kingdom
Position: Illegitamate Heir to the Fire Lord’s throne
Training: Fire bending [Intermediate]
                            Dual Broadswords [intermediate]
                            Lightning [undiscovered]

Personality: Driven to take his place on the throne, that’s almost always the number one thing on his mind. He is an under educated farmer boy, but still has a good head on his shoulders. He has a temper, but it takes quite a bit for him to lose it. When he loses it, he tends to lash out and fight as hard as possible. He can also be charming when he wants to. He’s a good judge of character and can be picky on who he picks as friends. But although he’s picky and has a temper, he tries to use logic as best he can to figure out problems and such. Although he has a hunger for the throne, Kazuto realizes that Fire Lord Tarek has been ruling fairly and well. He hopes to either be the next Fire Lord, or become someone high up in the Fire Lord’s court. The one thing that he will get, is the Title of a Dragon.(163)

Abilities:  He has knowledge and training with Broadswords from his father. His father also taught him how to use basic firebending techniques. On his own, Kazuto developed using his firebending with his swords, throwing flames and such. He has almost no hand-to-hand experience, so can be beaten pretty easily if you get him away from his swords. Although, he knows this, and tries to keep his swords on him as much as possible. He also likes to breath fire, as it comes naturally to him. When he is pumped up for something or getting serious/angry, he starts to bend blue fire with Azula’s blood, his Grandmother’s blood, running in his veins. Along with the blue fire, he can get a little reckless and may hurt his allies/friends/loved ones. Along with this recklessness, he can get relentless in his attacks and firebending. Whenever facing the opponent, he is likely to keep breathing fire into their face to beat them down faster.  (159)

Height: 5’6
Weight: 140lb
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Skin: White

Kazuto has Black, straight hair that goes down to the bottom of his ears. Black glossy eyes fit the hair perfectly. He wears a long black cloth coat, over a brown leather jacket. He keeps his dual broadswords  with him at all times, usually one strapped to each side of his waist, easily within reach. Being 5 foot and 6 inches, he doesn't have much intimidation power without his swords, not to mention he’s 16 years old. He has an arrange of faces he can make. His angry/serious face could possibly be the only intimidating face. He is fairly built for his young age from his work on his father’s farm, giving him enough strength to swing with considerable force. His swords are a little plain, no design on the blades or anything, but the handles and pommel a light blue overlapped by black paint in a diamond  shape design. (150)

Weaponry & Other Gear: Dual Broadswords
Similar to Zuko’s dual broadswords, they are twins. They do not lock together to become one however. They are worn at his sides. Very sharp.

History: Kazuto was born on his Father’s, Takeme’s, Farm in the Earth Kingdom.  His mother was the daughter of Azula, who was still a psycho and pretty old. Azula took her daughter away by force with her to keep wandering around. His father, Takeme Yakamashi, a farmer, was kind to him and took care of Kazuto once Azula left them. Kazuto took his fathers name because he was a man that he respected.

Takeme taught Kazuto the basics of firebending, just a punch and a kick and some other unorthodox moves. He also was taught swordplay. Mostly as a fun activity between the two, but eventually Kazuto began to get really good at them. His father knew all of these things due to his experience of being a militia man. He had his own real broadswords locked away. Although, his main chore was helping out on the farm. Kazuto grew a fairly nice build for someone his age through all the hard labor. On this farm, water was plenty, but the food was usually basic. So, he usually drank tea with his meals, changing the flavors he got at the market every now and then.

One day, as he was sword fighting with his father, Kazuto thought it would be fun to add in firebending. His Father thought the same, and so began a rapidly increasing fight. It grew in tension, and soon it was a real fight between the two. They ended up locking swords, and Kazuto blew fire into his fathers face. The fire that came out was hotter than usual, blue. It scorched his fathers face, and Kazuto immediately regretted hurting his father. After a trip to the local healer helped, and after a few days his face was back to normal. He had only suffered a small time to that proximity of flame, and so there was only an eyebrow that wouldn't grow back.

Kazuto never sword fought after that, fearful of hurting his father. His father told him a few weeks later how and why his flames had gotten blue. It was because of his mother, and how every flame she bent was blue. Takeme’s blood probably interfered with Azula’s, not letting him always bend a flame that hot. Along with this. Kazuto learned that he technically had a right to the throne, or that’s how he saw it. His father tried to convince him that he had no right to it now that Fire Lord Tarek had kicked his family off of the throne, but Kazuto still thought he had a right. He began to research his Great Uncle, Zuko, and his Great Great Uncle, Iro. He learned of Iro’s love for Jasmine Tea, and Zuko’s skill with broadswords.  It inspired him, making him think of himself as a kind of a combination of the two, as he loved tea and had talent with swords.
At the age of 14, near his birthday, he went out at dark, did his best with the farm as quick as he could, picked a few vegetables and fruits, and packed his backpack. He took his time infiltrating the barn and taking out his father’s swords, attaching them to his sides. And off he went, pursuing the Throne. (494)

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Kazuto Yakamashi

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuto Yakamashi   Kazuto Yakamashi EmptySun Jan 04, 2015 11:35 pm

heh. he's kinda cute.

Kazuto Yakamashi Soa

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Kazuto Yakamashi
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