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 Welcome to Zulera City! (Info Thread)

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PostSubject: Welcome to Zulera City! (Info Thread)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:47 am

Welcome to the City of Legends!

Zulera City is an endeavor that has been planned and designed for years by Avatar Zulera and several other accomplices and acquaintances. Some were in it to help the avatar or to make a better world, while others were in it for personal fulfillment or glory. Whatever the case, Zulera welcomed one and welcomed all, and even today, anyone is welcome to enter the city, and even live there, provided they have the means and resources to get along well.

Zulera City is unique insomuch that there is no central government. Vigilantes patrol the streets, and even the Avatar is among them. Those who do not do a good job at keeping justice and peace... are usually taken care of by the citizenry. Not just anyone lives in Zulera City. It has plenty of visitors, but the locals are a tougher crowd, and are not afraid to put an end to people they do not like. However, do not let that scare you off. Generally, you will be left alone if you leave others alone. Zulera City's single rule is the golden rule.

Technology is a huge part of Zulera City, and you will not find a more advanced place in the world. Automobiles belonging to the richest of citizens roam some of the streets, and even electricity is a common thing here. Towering skyscrapers define the cityscape, and the city is a dazzling display of bright lights in the evenings.
For those who would rather enjoy the serenity of nature, the outer fringes of the island are much less developed and have plenty of beautiful and scenic views and beaches. Rumors even exist of a spirit portal of sorts hidden on the massive island. Avatar Zulera really did pull out all the stops.

So swing by, enjoy yourself. Zulera City is on the map, and is a very large and adventurous city. Fame and fortune await, but for those who are not careful and take a wrong turn, trouble is almost certain.

[welcome to Zulera City. this is essentially a Legend of Korra-esque metropolis akin to Republic City except without the council/president, no Air Temple Island, or most of the canonical landmarks of Republic City, since the two are separate entities. any questions or comments can go in this thread where I will answer them to the best of my ability.]

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Welcome to Zulera City! (Info Thread)
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