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PostSubject: Practice RP Category   Practice RP Category EmptySat Nov 29, 2014 10:59 pm

I think it might be a good idea to start a practice RP area. This would be beneficial in multiple ways.

1. It would allow for members to try RPing with a different style character before they head into actual RP.

2. Nubs (like me lol) won't be slaughtered going into RP for the first time.

3. It might help attract new members, as some will stray away when they see they can't just try it out without it being taken seriously.

Some options that could be done with it:

1. Shouldn't have effect on main storyline obviously

2. Characters don't have to be approved in order to RP.

3. People can do crazy nonsense like avatar duels or absolute godmodding or whatever, as this would be a (mostly) lawless zone.

EDIT: I understand there is also an Avatar Battle Arena, this is slightly different.

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PostSubject: Re: Practice RP Category   Practice RP Category EmptySun Nov 30, 2014 2:04 am

howdy, 'tis Zul again to answer your questions. (I use this account because I've already got too many posts with Zulera). ergo, it's a thought. we do have things like that already to a degree.

1. we do only have one character per account though, which is why in the Ultimate Guide thread, I have a comprehensive list of all of the active members and their alternate accounts.

2. there are a few small conflicts going on, but most of us aren't gonna try and fight/kill you. we put a lot of emphasis on characters and character development, which is also why I'm so strict on the types of characters that get accepted.

3. we do have plotting boards and other such things that we use to try and get people involved. the chatbox works too when the forum is a bit more active (we're in a slump from post-Thanksgiving, I believe). the staff (me) does try to make sure people know the ways they can be involved.


1. we do have the non-canon Avatar Arena already, although "The Earth Queen's Party Hall" is another of those places that, while not necessarily non-canon, isn't exactly where great storylines and stuff come from.

2. again we have the 1 character per account rule, and I only reject characters when their users are inactive and don't fix the problems with it. In my entire history here, there have only been two characters that I flat-out rejected and just said "start over, please."

3. but that's the thing. we do not want to even pretend to encourage metagaming/godmodding/powerplaying, because those lead to bad writing and RPing skills as things stand, and that is the kind of thing that we at New Chapters are vehemently against.

feel free to continue discussing this here though. I'm happy to answer more questions.

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Practice RP Category
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