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 Laying the Foundation [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: Laying the Foundation [CLOSED]   Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:37 am

Zulera Joanna Tallarico

Many people would not think that it could be done. Zulera was not many people. She was the Avatar, and was most likely the only person who could actually do this at all without causing major damage or without needing assistance.

She had done her research. She was familiar with how Avatar Kyoshi had manipulated the tectonic plates just enough to break Kyoshi Peninsula off from the mainland, turning it into the Kyoshi Islands. Zulera wished to be remembered for something similar. However, instead of choosing a hunk of land to break from the mainland, she was going to make her own island.

She first made sure that she was far enough away from the other nations that they would not contest the neutrality of this island. It was not on any maps, because it did not exist yet. That was where she would make the difference.
Using nothing but a few supplies to keep her alive, and what was basically a rowboat, Zulera sailed out into the open seas, until she found her ideal location--a place where she could probably open and close a spirit portal--which was exactly what she wanted. Otherwise, Zulera was stranded at this point. But, the fun had only just begun.

She stood up, and with a deep breath, she dove into the water, swimming down, down, down as the water pressure grew around her. Not that she needed to force herself into the Avatar State, but she was testing the waters--quite literally. being surrounded by her native element made the Avatar more focused than ever, and a moment later her eyes lit up. She had entered the Avatar State.

Zulera shot out from the water, supported by a column of water and air. The ground below her began to rumble, and that was where Zulera knew she would need serious control. If she was not careful, it would cause earthquakes, and thus tidal waves that would crash upon the Earth Kingdom to the east, and the Fire Nation to the west. So, she had to bring her island up from the ground, and had to control the surrounding earth and water.
Luckily, she was not just a master of the elements, but a master of the Avatar State as well. Let it not be said that the young Avatar was not skilled at what she did.

Within a few minutes, an island began to emerge. The water slowly drained off of it, and it began to spread. It was essentially the same as creating a mountain on land, except that most of this mountain was underwater. It soon grew and expanded, becoming almost as large as the upper and middle rings of Ba Sing Se. Her bending skills kept the seismic activity in check, and so since she did it right, it meant that no one would feel a thing.

All in all, the island was fairly massive. It would easily be able to fit a metropolis and then have plenty of room for rural landscapes, as well as the spirits and spirit wilds that she hoped to have on the outskirts of her fine city. But, for now the city was little more than a soggy rock. the rest would come in parts. What mattered was that the foundations were laid, and that it had taken a lot out of her. So for now, the avatar would rest. She was excited though--her work was finally beginning.
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PostSubject: Re: Laying the Foundation [CLOSED]   Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:13 pm

Akhet Sumatra Tallarico

Akhet had always been supportive of his sister in times past, and this was no exception either. He and Minali had always been fairly industrious and inventive types, and so to see that Zulera was finally getting around to laying the foundations of what would one day hopefully be a glorious city really had the young man excited as well.

Just like most of the Tallaricos, Akhet had connections, and was willing to try and get them all in on this thing as well. He knew healers from his profession, engineers from people conversing with himself and Minali, and other businessmen and women from his mother. Whatever the case, he had come to Zulera with several of these people, starting first, with the construction guilds.

"well sister..." he smirked. "where do we start?"
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Laying the Foundation [CLOSED]
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