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 Nomaru Clan Estate

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PostSubject: Nomaru Clan Estate   Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:29 am

The Nomaru Clan Estate, like every building in the city, is made of ice. However what sets it apart from the others are the intricate designs carved into it's surface. That and the fact it's on a floating iceberg. Only a few miles from the main land, it stands as a massive sight to anyone who approaches the city. The building carved into the berg is two stories high. Water flows into mysterious channels carved in the bottom. From a distance you can see a few people walking in and out the building, either getting fresh water from around them, or bending the berg to a new fishing spot.
When anyone needs to visit the Head Cheif of the Nomaru a Water bender is at guard by the docks and by the berg istelf. They can easily and swiftly create a bridge of ice for all those who have a request for the Head Chief of the Nomaru Jakoda.

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PostSubject: Re: Nomaru Clan Estate   Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:36 pm

Efrain Nomaru

Echo's of rushing water could be heard through the halls of the estate, as the smiths began their morning work. Efrain hovered over her brother 's work space. Slightly tapping her foot and occasionally huffing as she waited for something. Her brother Tutari croached down infront of a shallow ice well as he bended the water within in. Efrain leaned over the well, watching her brother bend several currents around an object. Her azure eyes staring hard at Tutari's hands. Anyone would feel uncomfortable of someone this close in their personal space, but not Tutari. His face remain calm as his fingers move entrictly around the well. With each finger he moved a current was bended into the well. This was part of the Nomaru style.
Efrain sighed as she waited for whatever her brother was crafting.

"Can you be any slower?! We need to see father...... NOW!"

The minute she said now Tutari rosed from his position. He lifted the object from the well with his bending as presented it to Efrain. It was a sword, but clearly not any sword as Efrain reached for it and felt its weight in her hands. Silently Tutari nodded as he walked out the room. Efrain scoffed and followed him. The walk down the hall, ocassionally tribemens would greet them as they passed by open workspaces. As the reach the end of the hall, a lion seal hide covered the main door. A voiced boom from hide door.

" Enter... Efrain..... Tutari...."

The two enter the room and saw their father, Jakoda, sitting down on pillow. The grizzled man looked at both of them with a serious expression.

" We haven't heard word from the Souther Water Tribe Nomarus.... This bothers me greatly. I've heard rumors of war, but alas they are rumors. However because of this, you two along with five of our waterbenders are to go to the Southern Water Tribe and make sure..... their still in business." They both knew what he wanted to say, but both kept quite as they nodded their heads.

"Once you've confirmed their activity you are to return as soon as possible... is that understood?" He looked at them both with solemn expression. The both nodded their heads again and Jakoda followed suit. "Make your departure as soon as your ready.." With that they bowed their heads and made their way out the room.


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Nomaru Clan Estate
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