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 A Letter to the World

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PostSubject: A Letter to the World   Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:48 am

[OOC NOTES: This thread is essentially an in-character advertisement for this thread. It's basically an excuse for people to have some wild shenanigans and let their characters meet each other. People are more than welcome to bring more than one character and are welcome to have as many threads as they want. PM me (Zulera) if you have any questions].

Meili Mitali Zalika

All over the word, important officials were receiving messages about a party in Ba Sing Se. The more common folk around the cities were seeing fliers and notes posted in public places about this party, and more importantly, everyone was invited. Everyone meant *everyone*, and so anyone who wanted to take a trip to Ba Since Se was more than welcome to take part in these grand and likely earth-shattering (no pun intended) festivities.
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A Letter to the World
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