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 The Search Begins

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PostSubject: The Search Begins   Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:33 pm


”I know somebody who can help you find connections, Elegys; meet him in a bar called the ‘Mermaid’s Heel’ at the Seedy Merchant’s Pier – he’ll give you all the info you need.”

The Airbender had followed the spirit’s advice and travelled through a Spirit Portal, which strangely enough brought him directly outside of the bar in question. He looked up at it, and then glanced at the men who flanked the well he had just climbed out of. They moved towards him and attempted to grab him, but Elegys was faster.

“Hey you!” they yelled, but Elegys had already turned around and started to run. Using his airbending, he leapt onto a nearby roof and continued his escape for several blocks before dropping down outside of a clothing store. He wore his full airbender outfit now – a robe-like piece of cloth covered his usually bare chest. He frowned at it before entering the clothing shop, intent on purchasing something that would attract less attention.

He stepped up to a nearby ‘discount’ rail and started to finger through it, keeping an eye on the shopkeeper as he did so. The elderly woman seemed to pay him little attention, but Elegys suspected something was up. Moving quickly, he grabbed a black cloak from the rack and made to dive out of the shop, but a huge piece of earth flew up from the ground to meet him. He stopped his motion only just in time, landing on the floor in a crouched position.

“You need to pay for that, son,” the old woman said, moving out from behind the counter. Elegys turned to face her, his fists clenched. Immediately his eyes darted around the shop and an idea came to him.

”Your notion of currency is out-dated. Soon everything will belong to me.”

He dived sideways as a piece of earth flew at him, pushing his hands forwards as he did so. A huge blast of air was released from his hands and it collided with the woman, sending her flying over the counter. He turned on his heel and ran towards the door where the pillar of earth still stood. Breathing out and concentrating, he directed his entire chi towards his hand. He pulled it back and then rocketed it forwards, breaking clean through the earth and causing it to crumble and break away.

He heard a groan from behind him and leapt through the gap, throwing the cloak around his shoulders and putting up the hood. Once again he took to the rooftops, but dropped down a block away from the pub and walked.

He walked right past the guards, who gave him dark looks but made no move to try and touch him. He grinned in the darkness of his hood – they didn’t recognise him. He walked into the pub and walked up to the bar, tapping on the counter impatiently to draw the attention of the bartender.

“What’ll it be, stranger?” the bartender asked, walking over while cleaning a glass.


The bartender sighed and placed the glass on the bar before pulling out a jug from underneath. “Knock yourself out,” he said before walking away. Elegys poured some for himself before sitting back and concentrating.

According to Galaad, the man he was meeting was said to be very spiritually attuned – so much so that Elegys should be able to sense him just by concentrating. He did so, breathing in and out slowly for several seconds before he felt a twitch inside his skull.

He turned around slowly and made eye contact with an old man dressed in green clothing. He nodded at Elegys, who walked over to him. He took a seat opposite him at the table, glancing around nervously.

”Is there not somewhere more… Private?” Elegys asked, but the man simply chuckled.

“Hiding in plain sight is often better than in the shadows, Airbender. Now, I’ve managed to procure the details of two people who might be able to assist you.” He slid two folders across the table, each labelled with a different name – Gan and Youta. “Gaining their trust will be difficult, but if you do then they will prove to be excellent allies.”

”This one first,” Elegys said, placing his finger on the folder labelled ‘Gan’.

“Ah, Gan Goto,” the man said, turning the folder around and opening it. “He is a priest of the Lord of Light, and will be the harder of the two to recruit. You see, he, like all those of his religion, has a severe dislike for Spirits of any kind. The only way to convince him will be to somehow make him believe that your mission outweighs the fact he will be working with a spirit; or, of course, lie to him. He is, however, one of the greatest Metal Benders alive today, so be very careful of him.”

Elegys nodded. He had heard of these priests before, and the things weren’t ever good. They were zealous and destructive, and stubborn in their ways. He sighed, before placing his finger on the other folder. ”And him?”

“Youta Zhu,” the man continued. “He’s a Firebender who trained with a Master named Han, until his untimely death. You won’t be able to tempt him to your side with any kind of moral incentive – this man wants only money and power. Offer him one or both of those, and he’s yours.”

”And that’s it? Only the two?”

“More will come in time, my friend – come back when you have these two under your belt and maybe I’ll be able to sort something out for you.”

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The Search Begins
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