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 Lukka Kaskae

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PostSubject: Lukka Kaskae   Lukka Kaskae EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 2:21 pm

Full Name: Lukka Kaskae
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Element: Water
Birthplace: Northern Water Tribe
Position: Derpface Troublemaker Goofball Teenage Boy
Training: Boomerang (beginner), Jawblade (beginner), Waterbending (beginner)

Personality: (127/60) What can one say about a teenage boy? Lukka is pretty average, in most things - he's a bit of a total dork, he tries to pretend that he knows what he's doing, tends to run headlong into situations he can't handle, and then, when everything's over, he'll try to laugh it all off. One day, Lukka's grandstanding will get him into trouble, but at least he has fun in the meantime!

Truthfully, most of that covers up the real feeling of inadequacy that this teen has about himself. Growing up in the shadow of his three older siblings has given Lukka the need to stand out however he can, even if that's by being goofy and silly, rather than having accomplishments of his own.

Abilities: (106/60) Because he has it in his head that he'll someday become a great warrior or hunter, Lukka is trying to learn the tools of those trades; namely the boomerang and the jawblade. Rather than making his own, however, as tradition dictates, he 'borrowed' his oldest sister's castoff weapons, appropriating them as his own. While he's good enough to not injure himself each time he uses them, Lukka has a long way to go before considered proficient.

His waterbending skills are mediocre at best, particularly where ice is concerned. The basics came to him easily enough, but there seems to be a mental block with proceeding further.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: Puny Skinny
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Brunette
Skin: Tanned

(99/90) Because he lacks any kind of impressive visible muscle or girth, Lukka wears leather armor and such most often, thinking that it makes him look a little more intimidating. While it doesn't look out of place, it is a little comical that he tends to walk with a Zul is awesome around the ladies.

His hair is a bit too unkempt to be considered a wolf's tail (which he wouldn't be allowed to wear anyway, as it is for warriors of the Tribes), it is still held back in a ponytail. Lukka's hair is... pretty soft and fluffy, all things considered.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Materials: Wolf Jaw Bone, Leather Strap
Description: A traditional weapon of the Water Tribes. It is sharp on one side, while the teeth on the other are more like a saw. Though, this blade is obviously a bit old - parts of the teeth saw have chipped away.

Materials: Snagwood
Description: Clearly a training weapon, as it isn't even made of steel. Should you throw it, it's supposed to come back to you... Hopefully not straight at your head.

History: (149/120) Born the last of four children, Lukka has always had a hard time finding his niche. His oldest sister Noe is a warrior huntress, his oldest brother is a respected archer as well as historian, and his last older brother is a skilled craftsman, as well as being adored by all the women of the tribe.

Thus adrift as the youngest, the only thing he could claim as his own was a sense of humor and pratfalls. He became the joke of the family, designed to amuse those around him (often at his own expense). Still, it gives Lukka what he desires most; attention.

Still, Lukka decided that he needed to get out from the shadow of his siblings, and thus... he's leaving home for the first time. Rather than canoeing out on his own, the young teen hitched a ride with some traders heading to Ba Sing Se.

Character Box:

Lukka Kaskae

"I'mma sneak up on you, mister arctic fox... Your pelt will look so good on my w -- NO, WAIT, COME BACK! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! I just wanted to - uh - PET YOU! ...Dammit. YOU STUPID FOX, GET BACK HERE!"

Mood: Playful
Condition: Goofball
Link: Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Lukka Kaskae   Lukka Kaskae EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 2:48 pm

nothing like starting my morning with a few good laughs.
Lukka Kaskae Soa

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Lukka Kaskae
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