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 Alice Koshu DeSiete

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PostSubject: Alice Koshu DeSiete   Alice Koshu DeSiete EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 9:24 pm

meh, formalities will come later. xB I just wanna recycle this character.

Full Name: Alice Koshu DeSiete
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Element: Water
Birthplace: Fire Fountain City
Position: Clothing Designer
Waterbending: Beginner
Sketching/Painting: Master
Designer: Expert
Fashion Knowledge: Expert

Personality: (228/60) Alice is fairly chill and easy-going. Despite sometimes getting teased for his feminine name, Alice simply shrugs and takes it in stride. He is not cocky or arrogant, but the boy does have a bit of confidence, which particularly shows when he is sketching or drawing, which is a subject that he loves to talk about. On the other hand, he is also fairly quiet, having more of an introverted nature. That does not make him shy; but he does enjoy alone time or the peace and quiet a lot.
His fondness of clothing and art has also given him considerable knowledge of the human body, which is important to ensure that the clothing he helps design fits the subjects it is produced for. He might be young, but he has an appreciation for things that are pretty, and isn't afraid to be vocal about it even if he makes a fool of himself. If it earns him a fist to the face, he just gets back up and moves on. Alice might be easy to knock down, but he rebounds just as easily.
He is a very cunning boy with scrutinous attention to detail, and is a very analytical thinker. He acts like a fly on the wall when he wants to pick up information on someone, and then goes from there with his newly acquired information.

Abilities: (156/60) Alice is a clothing designer, considering his talents. While it does not really translate into anything worthwhile in a combat situation, the boy also has a little skill with a bow. There's a story behind that for sure, and he does not consider himself a fighter. He is much more talented at being evasive and running away or hiding, rather than fighting.
Perhaps most of all though, Alice is an incredible artist, and is extremely talented as sketching and drawing scenes of people, or portraits themselves. He will often sketch people he meets, or famous celebrities he sees or hears about. People and portraits are his favorite subject to sketch, followed right behind by clothing, hence his career path. Alice is also a very analytical thinker, who learns by observing, and can often pick up antics of people by watching their movements. His knowledge is far from absolute, but the boy is cleverer than he looks.

Appearance: (189/90)
Height: 5'2" [157½cm]
Weight: 114 lbs [52kg]
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin: Light

Alice is a thin, light-skinned boy usually seen in stylish but comfortable clothing that is fairly loose and breezy on him. He often makes his own designs himself, considering his profession, although is nowhere near as flambouyant as the nobility of the Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation. He has bright green eyes, and slightly messy brown hair that hangs down around his head instead of sticking wildly out everywhere like some messy hair does. He sometimes wears guards on his hands and will also occasionally go barefoot, although does not have a preference or aversion to any particular types of clothes. He will sometimes even wear eyeshadow if he feels like it is fitting for the attire, although that is usually in the case of something really formal or something. He wears all kinds of colors, though his favorite color is still blue and shades of blue. Standing at a rather unremarkable 5'2" and weighing in at 114 pounds, he's got an average build—perhaps a little on the slender side for a waterbender, but he's still a growing boy, and has plenty of time to finish that growth.

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Item Name: Sketchbook (many)
Materials: Paper
Description: various sketchbooks full of clothing designs, concept art, random sketches, and whatever else Alice feels like drawing.

Item Name: Pencils (many)
Materials: Wood; various
Description: An extremely broad assortment of pencils, colored pencils, and other such sketching tools that Alice uses to draw with.

History: (476/120) Alice was raised by a couple of good-for-nothing parents who got so involved with other things that after a few years they decided that they didn't want to raise a son anymore, and so essentially left Alice to his own devices by the time he was about 6 or 7. Luckily, the boy was fairly low-maintenance, only really appearing out of his room to go to school or to get something to eat or something. his parents didn't hate him; per se--they were just gone a lot, or just vaguely aware of some small person living in the house with them.
They did actually end up disappearing completely at one point though, perhaps moving away and not taking Alice with them, or perhaps going to war and never returning. Alice does not know and to be honest, does not care, since that was how they felt about him it seemed.
Even with this neglectful childhood though, he did learn and progress a little bit. He was slow at first, but once he was old enough to go to school he quickly caught up. More than anything, his passion was for arts and designs, which was smiled upon in the richer districts of the city where he lived. Clothing designers were always popular, and as their fashion sense indicated, the nobility certainly loved them as well.
Over the years, Alice developed into an extremely talented artist, with people and clothing being his favorite subjects. He is capable of drawing incredibly realistic sketches, and spends most of his free time doing just that, since his parents are never around and he has no real close friends. Having been alone for so much of his life, he is content with the solitude, although despite this, he is not reclusive, nor is he unfriendly. He is fairly easy to get along with, although he is sometimes a bit socially awkward. However, his general amiability towards people can often get him off the hook in that regard. His name never bothered him either, despite it being very feminine.
He got a job at a tailor shop at the age of 12, where his prodigious skills landed him a decent position. While most of his other skills, including his waterbending, remain neglected, no one can deny that Alice is in fact an incredibly talented artist and designer. Since most of the people he deals with at work are adults, his mannerisms tend to reflect that, and so he is surprisingly much more mature than his small, 14-year-old appearance might suggest. He puts in long hours at work since he enjoys the job, and will usually be sketching or drawing on his downtime—which is the same thing he does when he’s at home.  Thus, such is the life of Alice DeSiete. He is enjoying it, so has no reason to complain.

Character Box:

Alice Koshu DeSiete

Alice's Character Box
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PostSubject: Re: Alice Koshu DeSiete   Alice Koshu DeSiete EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 9:38 pm


Because I can.  Wink 

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Alice Koshu DeSiete
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