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 Tylia Allemoore

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Character Description
Age: 15
Position: Courier
Nation: Earth Kingdom

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PostSubject: Tylia Allemoore   Tylia Allemoore EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 1:30 pm

Full Name: Tylia Allemoore
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (and a half)
Element: Earth
Birthplace: Small Earth Kingdom Village, near the Seedy Merchants Pier
Position: Courier
Training: Earthbending (intermediate), Running Away (lol expert intermediate)

Personality: (149/140) Though a bit cheeky at times, Tylia is definitely no delicate flower. Her insults are primed at all times, and she's not hesitant to follow sharp words with a fist or two, if necessary. Unafraid of getting hurt, herself, she can dish it out as well as take it.

She's fairly agreeable otherwise, however, and hasn't become prone to the massive emotional mood swings that plague girls through puberty - yet. Once she does, Tylia might become a bit of a firecracker... but until then, she's pretty laid back.

The one thing that she has trouble admitting is that she does find herself feeling lonely more often than before. It might be brought on by growing up, but the young girl sometimes finds herself dallying after delivering a package, hoping to have more interactions with various people, rather than rushing straight along to get another package or head home.

Abilities: (170/140) While she doesn't know many of the specialized 'moves' that are taught to students in dojos or academies, Tylia is fairly adept with her Earthbending, having been practicing since she was little. She hasn't developed any affinity with sand - though she can bend it passably if necessary. Really, she just finds it amusing to throw boulders about, since she's never been in a combat situation.

If there is a lot of gravel on the road, the young courier has discovered that she can find a plank of wood and use her bending abilities on the pebbles, allowing her to cost along without walking. She thinks it's pretty cool, all things considered - since the same thing can basically be accomplished with wheels.

Her one other trick is to kick up a cloud of dust, for when she wants to make a quick getaway. Again, this isn't especially impressive, since the same thing can be done with fairly simple (if not expensive) tools... but Tylia thinks that it's kinda neat.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: Fairly Skinny
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Tanned

(200/140) Perhaps it's because she's generally on the road, but Tylia's hair is often a bit messy and almost scraggly. She'll occasionally use clips or ribbons to pull it all back, but it's not often. Because of its color, the young girl does get a few looks in the larger cities - since blonde is generally a 'mixed-nationality' color - but she wouldn't consider changing it because of that.

Otherwise, she does like her appearance; even if she is skinny. Her curves have only just started to come in; rather late and starting with her hips rather than her bust. There are a few small scars across her arms, though mostly from the general wear and tear of playing in less-than-safe areas, as a child.

When it comes to clothing, Tylia tries not to fuss, but she does have a decent amount of what others would likely call 'cute' attire. She favors sleeveless tops, for range of motion, in a variety of colors (her favorites being purple and blue), rather than just the Earth Kingdom green and beige. For pants, she actually likes shorts or capris best, since then she's able to wear sandals or running shoes, rather than just boots.

Other Gear:

Messenger Bag
Materials: Leather, metal clasps
Description: A standard-issue messenger bag. Like most things in the Earth Kingdom, it has varying colors of green as well as some cream and ecru.

History: (377/320) Tylia cannot remember her mother - nor has she ever heard the woman mentioned, even in passing - and thus she was raised by her father... and his band of thugs. As it happens, her father is known as Jing Bo Ironfist, renowned leader of the Roadside Bandits. Being brought up by a highwayman, without much female influence in her life, has caused Tylia to be a bit of a scrapper and not very ladylike either. If she were to be confronted about her strange family, she would point out that the Roadside Bandits are only thieves because they were left without an honest means by which to earn a living and feed their families - many of the thugs are veterans of the previous war.

Other than her interesting family life, the young courier is rather well adjusted. She eats four food groups and looks both ways before crossing the street, at least. Tylia even has a pet; Tobi the armadillo-dog! While a faithful and loyal pet, the armadillo-dog is a bit goofy and has no other real significance besides being someone for the young girl to talk to, while traveling.

She is one of the children associated with the Roadside Bandits who has an actual job, rather than following in illicit footsteps. Tylia works as a courier between the various small towns in the Earth Kingdom, and occasionally finds herself in the larger, more populated cities as well - sometimes even Omashu or Ba Sing Se! Her packages are always delivered on time and never stolen (one of the perks of being Jing Bo Ironfist's daughter). In spite of her youth, no other courier can match Tylia's record in terms of packages delivered versus packages appropriated by thieves; she's somewhat proud of the fact, since, when she first began, she was written off by the other workers as being an easy target for such things.

While there isn't much else to tell, in terms of Tylia's life, she is dealing with some more feminine issues just now; since she can't ask any clarifying questions to any of her surrogate family members. Oftentimes, she finds herself watching handsome young men for rather longer than necessary, and even humoring the idea of having one of her own.


Character Box:

Tylia Allemoore

Post box, post box, how I love my post box.... I love to make and then to change.... I love, love, love my post box ~ !

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Link: Character Sheet

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your post box remarks are so cute. <3

Tylia Allemoore Soa

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Tylia Allemoore
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