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 The Rumors Were True

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PostSubject: The Rumors Were True   Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:54 pm

[OOC--I have talked about this idea for a long time and I am finally making it happen. it will explain itself.]

Zulera Joanna Tallarico

The practicality of this establishment was certainly questionable, because if Zulera ever hoped to make any money off of the many things she built here... well, then she had chosen one of the worst, most desolate places this side of Si Wong to conduct her business.
And yet, it wasn't about the money. It was a bout sending a message.

Avatar Zulera had practically fallen off the map after the disappearance of her fiancé Mei. Some figured that it was a grief thing, while others just accounted it to Zulera's natural unpredictability. Of course, the latter group was the correct one. Zulera was just too chaotic and erratic to stay in one place very much.

So instead, she returned to "the Pit" to continue her construction projects. She often ordered metal or parts from the Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation (or often the Water Tribes, which were much more okay with dealing in shady business these days), and would transport them via a balloon (easily obtainable from the Fire Nation these days) to her little hideout. Here... she worked wonders. No one ever really ventured out here, and so her workshop was safe.

She was building a large machine at the moment, adding the final touches to a giant, metallic statue of herself. one of the walls of the shop was just the solid rock of the mountain she had carved out (with earthbending of course), and so to get this thing out of hiding would just be a matter of moving some rock.
She climbed up into the face of this statue, and fired her up. There was a rumbling, before slowly, the metallic marvel began to shift, the joints groaning as they shifted for the first time proper.
Fiddling with controls in the face of this machine (using the eyes as areas to see through) she made the machine move forward. she shifted her hands in a mighty move of earthbending, hoping that she had successfully magnified her bending power to fit the proportions of the machine... but alas. it did not, and only a small part of the wall fell away. Zulera shut the big damn contraption back off, and broke down the wall herself in a few moments. She had already found a problem though, and so it would be back to the drawing board. First, she had to test something else.
She made the machine's arms move as if to waterbend, and then made it strike its fist out for fire... well, she managed to channel the elements successfully through the arms of the machine, but it was smaller, like some of her basic attacks. Sure she could go all avatar state and make this machine do what she wanted to, perhaps (or maybe more likely it would just overload and shut off), but she wanted something that magnified the power of bending. She didn't really think of what she'd do with a machine like this... it just seemed like a cool thing to make.

But... it was back to the drawing board for her. She moved the machine back to its location, and concealed the shop again. She left the mountain rather inconspicuously. It would take Avatar-level earthbending to move the side of the mountain needed to get that machine out of there (okay, maybe the Earth Queen or another powerful master could do it), so she wasn't worried about people finding it--not until she had that chi-amplifying device that she didn't ven know existed. Well... if it didn't exist, she'd have to learn how to invent it. If it did exist... she needed to find it...

and thus, all that would be seen was a lone, barefooted woman roaming the canyon as she made her way back to her balloon to haul her ass out of here and perform her business elsewhere. All in all, a productive day though.
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The Rumors Were True
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