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 Meeting the kings of the new era

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting the kings of the new era   Meeting the kings of the new era - Page 2 EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 6:41 am

Shi-Hao seemed to take offense at Chouhi's comment though Cyrad wasn't sure if it was because of the context or rather just a disdain of the woman herself.  Cyrad hoped the group would be able to get along but there was no time for him to intervene as Shi-Hao continued talking, this time directed towards him.

"I had thought to begin searching out those willing to join in trade with us, for the glass that is produced as the city first takes shape. Is that acceptable? I do know that fine artisan work is highly sought after, among the nobles of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom alike.

"Yes that is very acceptable Shi-Hao, thank you."  Cyrad said but then Shi-Hao continued to ask a question that had he had thought about but only roughly.

What shall I tell them, when they ask for the name of our future city? Has one already been chosen, or is that the final order of business before parting for the time being?"

"Actually Shi-Hao, I haven't decided on a name rather thinking the because this is going to be a collaboration of a bunch of people that everyone should have a say in the naming of it.  Personally, I don't have any preference and would actually like to hear what each of you think we should call it."

Cyrad Wato
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Meeting the kings of the new era
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