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 Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome

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PostSubject: Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome   Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 1:58 pm

Full Name: Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Element: Non-bender
Birthplace: Ba Sing Se
Position: Student at the University
Training: Painting (expert), Other Artistic Media (expert - Intermediate), Various Intellectual Topics (expert - beginner), Self-Defense (beginner)

Personality: (70/60) While she is generally amiable and a wonderful discussion partner, Lynn has a pretty strong sarcastic streak and is stubborn as a mule. Lately she's also been a little bit bitter when interacting with new people, but only because of her University troubles. Once she considers you a friend - admittedly, she doesn't have many - she will bend over backward to help you out, with whatever you might need.

Abilities: (77/60) Lynn comes from a long line of non-benders, and thus never expected to have any mastery over the elements, herself. She tried learning a couple of hand-to-hand defense maneuvers, but never managed to really master those, either - she can escape someone's grip decently well, though that's about it. Her real talent lies with artistic media; Lynn loves to paint most of all, but she's also great with clay, and glass murals, even occasionally with clothing design.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Brunette
Skin: Brown

(140/90) It is obvious that Lynn is a product of mixed heritage - somewhere back in her family line, clear as day, her Water Tribe ancestors married into the Earth Kingdom, and she carries distinguishing features of each. Her face is a little round, her lips full, and her hair thick and dark, much like those from the Water Tribes. However, her wide green eyes, less-full hips and her height are attributed to the Earth Kingdom side of the family. Either way, Lynn could be considered moderately attractive by the more stringent standards. She doesn't put too much effort into her appearance - other than to be clean and to tie her hair back. Often times, particularly after a session at the University Art Studio, her fingertips are stained with ink or paint, and her clothes a mess of splattered colors.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Item Name Art Satchel
Materials: Leather, Cloth, Art Supplies
Description: A standard satchel, to be worn over one shoulder or at one's hip, which holds a variety of standard artist's tools - paints, brushes, a pallet, charcoal, etc.

Item Name Traveling Pack
Materials: Leather, Cloth, Buckles, Supplies
Description: A standard pack, to be worn on the back rather than over one shoulder, which holds standard traveling supplies - food, extra clothing (for heat or cold), some money, etc.

History: (268/120) Lynn's family has been in Ba Sing Se for a long time - likely beginning back during Avatar Aang's time, when the city was harboring masses of refugees. Because one such ancestor was a shrewd business man, the family soared through the ranks of the city, ending up with easily enough wealth to dwell in the Upper Ring. It is there that the family now resides, though in one of the smaller, less ornate parts of the district.

It is a family tradition that the (Earth Kingdom) Otoyome children attend Ba Sing Se University, an institution to which they have long been contributing alumni, to earn a degree in whichever topic they so choose. While Lynn's younger brother is working on his studies in political sciences, and her younger sisters are working on double majors, all she ever wanted to do was paint and create beautiful things. So, when pushed to attend the University, she did so... as an Art Major.

Though she chose to pursue artistic endeavors, the Dean of the University decreed that Lynn must complete several high-level classes in other areas of study, in order to earn her degree. Irritated beyond belief, as she easily had enough credits and a large enough portfolio to graduate, Lynn chose to take said classes in Anthropology - also considered to be a worthless field - simply out of spite. Soon she will be leaving Ba Sing Se, her family and a boyfriend behind in the city, so that she can venture out to complete her Thesis paper - "A Study of Spirit World Links in Our Own World".


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Aralynn Otoyome

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PostSubject: Re: Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome   Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 8:38 pm

'tis lovely. It also almost seems to fit perfectly with something I had once intended to do, but we'll see.

Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome Soa

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Aralynn "Lynn" Otoyome
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