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 Returning Home

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Seira Sūn
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PostSubject: Returning Home   Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:45 pm

Seira Sūn

Standing at the bow of the ship, Seira looked out at the harbor and sighed. The air was blowing in her face, warm and soothing with the smell of sea. She was surprised at her sudden lack of sea sickness and immediately knew the cause of it as a port came into view. 'Home.' She thought as the port slowly came back into view. She had only been in the Northern Water Tribe for a short time, but it was a relief to be back. 'Home is where the heart is.' She remembered the saying but she couldn’t recall where she heard it. However, she didn’t care, too excited as the ship slowly approached the port.
  Slipping into her cabin, she sat in front of a mirror and adjusted her make-up, a touch of rouge on her cheeks with a few touch of red on her lips and some liner along the outside of her eyes. “Perfect.” She said, looking at herself, eye catching but not to bold in her cheongsam. The rest of her time was spent waiting patiently for the boat to dock. And when it did she was one of the first of the few passengers to get off. Seira stood in the shade of a parasol with Blood Moon fanning her face even though she was used to the warm climates. She waited for her bag while being eyed up by the men on the dock. The red and gold cheongsam she was wearing hugged her body in the right places and parted at her knee showing a fair amount of skin earning her wolf whistles and cat calls while she fluttered her lashes at the men responsible.
  Shifting slightly, the slit in the side of her dress widened and showed off the skin of her leg sending a small group into an uproar of hoots followed by another that quickly died down as they went back to work, throwing glances back her way. She smiled and fluttered her fan at sailors of her choice and watched them stumble over each other as they stared back at her before she went back to covering her face almost demurely. On a normal day she wouldn't have been here taunting mostly harmless sailors but she chose to on the special occasion of her arrival home. She could tease and taunt them without worry though, the military force on the docks was particularly fierce today. There wasn’t a time she remembered seeing so many clumps of soldiers in one place though the docks could be dangerous at any time of day due to the rowdy men. She let her eyes scan over the ships and men on the docks looking for a possible source of the heightened security, but found none.  
“Miss?” A rough voice said from behind. Turning she looked to find a sailor who seemed to be around her age with a soft face despite the roughness in his voice  standing with her bag thrown over his broad shoulders. His build and eyes didn't suggest he was from the Fire Nation but she could be wrong. Blood Moon was folded in her hand, resting against her thigh
“Finally.” She said with a smile, his cheeks colored slightly. “Follow me.”
Time to find a soldier.

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Returning Home
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