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 Not a Goodbye

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PostSubject: Not a Goodbye   Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:11 pm

So, life is doing an amazing job of kicking me while I'm down, just now...

My great-grandmother, who helped raise me growing up, is suddenly approaching her deathbed far more quickly than anticipated. She had a sudden heart attack (we assume), and subsequently fell and broke her leg. While she is in the hospital, the doctors have given her about two weeks to live (though that was the estimate about five days ago).

A friend of mine is also going through a bad time, since she lost her apartment and is now basically homeless. She had a car, but is having a lot of trouble getting it fixed. While she has a job lined up to start as quickly as next week, she had nowhere to go. Thus, she is staying with me until then. She's quiet and low-maintenance, but it's still an added stress.

My mother is also coming to visit, because of my great-grandmother's ill-turn. She needs to stay with me, which is going to put a massive strain on my household. Either my friend needs to be gone for those days - which is a hardship for her - or we three adults and my toddler are going to be a bit squeezed in.

In all of this, I had to bid my husband farewell yet again, for him to go back out on the road, until late December. We are still having financial troubles, playing catch-up on bills because (TL;DR version) his boss is a jerk. Obviously this is a fairly emotional thing for me, and I'm still having trouble coping with it, even though my husband has been on the road for half a year, now.

As it stands... it's just a bit much for me, right now. I'll try to be on a bit more often as it all cools down, but I'm not going to promise anything.

If you need to speak to me, go ahead and ask Zul to contact me on Skype, and I'll do my best to come online.

All the best, my friends ~

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Not a Goodbye
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