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 Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza

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PostSubject: Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza   Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 11:43 pm

[I'll do all that fancy schmancy formatting later]

(Beginner Tier used)
Full Name: Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza
Nickname: "Zair"
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Element: Water
Birthplace: Si Wong Desert
Position: Gypsy
Waterbending: Beginner
Survival Skills: Considerable

Personality: (163) Zuzerez is an interesting child. For one, she is skeptical about her name in just about every aspect, to the point where she goes by a shortened version of her surname no less, therefore introducing herself as Zair. She is a sharp child with cutting comebacks always dangling at the tip of her tongue. She is fairly cunning and quite smart for her age, although because of said age, having not even lived a decade upon this world yet, she has much yet to learn, and still has a playful childish nature to her.
If there was a way to gauge her intelligence, a lot of people would probably put it on par with a teenager, with it very occasionally coming off as adult. most of the time though, she is just a kid in her behavior. She is lively and vibrant, enjoying hopping on her tiptoes or twirling her little skirts. She also has an accent that resembles those from the swamps.

Abilities: (181) Zair's young age lends her few skills, although she is budding with talent. How much talent is unclear at the moment, and so while she is a waterbender, all she can really do is splash people or things with it. Her survival skills are quite surprising for a little kid, however. Being well used to the hostile regions of the desert have helped her pick up a few tricks. The water skins she carries with her are not usually for bending.
Zair is also rather clever, which ties into her survival skills. Living with nomads, almost all of them older than her, had a bit of the "grown-up" nature rub off on her, but never anything to the point that it would overshadow her inner child. She has plenty of time left still to finish growing up. However, that doesn't stop her from being something of a trickster or from having a quick comeback ready at almost any given moment. Not all of them are good, But she is quite confident in her little skills that she believes are quite proficient.

Appearance: (221)
Height: 3'10"
Weight: 57 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Style: a long mess of darkish curls that goes a ways down her back.
Skin: Dark Brown

Zair is a young girl on the slightly smaller side, but she has not even hit her growth spurt yet, so there is plenty of room to grow. Her dark skin and thick dark hair suggest Water Tribe origins, and her green eyes indicate either Earth Kingdom heritage, or perhaps she is the daughter of emigrants from the swamps. She usually wears a breezy little white dress adorned with bright colors such as purple and green, around the skirts. She often has a few ribbons in her hair as well. She sometimes wears sandals when trekking across the sand from one nomad village to the other, but usually goes barefoot (and travels by night, as even she knows the danger of the desert heat). Her bright eyes and pretty face often have her successfully lodging with older adults of various types, and she will usually do a little job here or there if they feel like the youngster ought to be earning her bed and breakfast.
She also appears to have a slight little accent, further strengthening the belief that she has major Foggy Swamp heritage. She is light on her tiptoes, and has a bounce to her step. She carries a small pack on her back where she keeps her few belongings, but also carries a pair of water skins.
[bonus image ]

Weaponry & Other Gear: (Omit this field if no such items)
Item Name Water Skin (x2)
Materials: leather, most likely
Description: Two standard adult-sized Water Tribe skins, given to her as a gift from some of the nomads she travelled with

Item Name Leather Pouch
Materials: Leather (who'd have thought?)
Description: a child-size leather sack which Zair uses to carry her belongings in.

History: (262) The nomadic nature of whoever Zair's parents were had them have their identities remain unknown. It is unclear why the child was left here, or where the swampbenders had gone, but given the child's ability as a waterbender as well as her physique, people are almost certain that the youngster either originated from the Foggy Swamp, or at least that her parents came from there. Certainly, with her skin color, hair color (and thickness), those bright green eyes, and her southwest accent, it would be and odd phenomenon indeed if she were from somewhere else. However, no one truly knows, but everyone, including Zair herself, accepts this story.
Whatever the case, Zair has spent most of her little life in the various network of sandbender tribes and other desert nomads and gypsies, befriending many of them and getting nicknamed "Zair the Dancing Girl" (for despite her official name, known particularly by the family that took her in, the youngster insisted that she be called Zair).
She does not really travel a great deal outside the desert and sometimes the swamps, but that in and of itself is still a lot of area. She seldom goes alone, usually hitchhiking with sandbenders on their nifty little sand vessels or something. Her tiny size and light weight make her easy to carry and handle. Places like this are where Zair can usually be found--that or travelling with a caravan. Her upbeat nature and lively personality make her pleasant to be around, and her willingness to earn her keep has kept her pleasant and productive.

Sample RP:

Character Box:

Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza

This will be where RP material will go when I use this. yay!
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Character Description

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PostSubject: Re: Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza   Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza EmptyFri Oct 18, 2013 12:35 pm

Looks good, have fun.
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Zuzerez Zenzi Zairza
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