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 Akira Shirogane II

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PostSubject: Akira Shirogane II   Akira Shirogane II EmptyMon Sep 30, 2013 6:16 am

Full Name: Akira Shirogane (the second)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Fire Nation Capitol
Position: Spoiled Brat, Fledgling Swordsman
Training: Firebending (beginner), Swordfighting (beginner)
Companion: Pet Poodle-Monkey, Li-Li

Personality: (108) Being raised as a rich kid with no siblings has not done well for Akira's personality... Selfish and Conceited, he believes that the world revolves around him and that anything he wants is his for the taking. While he isn't good at much, he was always told that the sun shone out his ass, so his confidence appears to be off the charts, while he's actually very insecure - especially regarding his masculinity. Akira is rather immature, seeming more like a teenager than an actual adult; also a result of his upbringing. Similarly, while he fancies himself as a ladies' man, his skills in that regard are non-existent.

Abilities: (119) Though he was trained by the finest firebending teacher money could buy, Akira actually sucks at firebending. He can make a fire, sure, but it's pretty sporadic and unreliable. At best, he's a cigarette lighter; at worst, he lights the drapes on fire. It may be because he never applied himself; why bother, when everyone tells you that you're the best thing since sliced bread, regardless of how well you do?

Also trained in the art of the sword, Akira is slightly worse with that than he is with firebending. He carries a katana, though he has no idea how to care for it, and it's about as dangerous as a hunk of metal, considering how dull it is.

Height: 5'10"
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Light Tanned

(93) Extremely well groomed, Akira doesn't seem effeminate, but if anyone saw his morning primping procedure, they might assume that he was actually a woman. Silky black hair frames his face perfectly, never more than a hair out of place, and his light green eyes are expressive and bright. Usually with a grin, sometimes a smirk, Akira just has that kind of face that makes you want to punch it. Aside from that, he's rather good looking, with a strong, athletic build and those washboard abs he attained from doing nothing but workout routines.

Companion: Li-Li is a poodle-monkey who puts up with Akira and his affection with a weary tolerance. She'll bites strangers, despite assurances that she's just playing, and likes to steal shiny things. With a pink bow in her fur and a pink leash, there's no doubt as to Li-Li's gender.

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Materials: Folded Steel, Pommel, Leather Grip
Description: Ornate and well polished, this piece is almost decorative. No, wait, it is decorative; the blade has been neglected to the point of dulling and would only be good for opening scrolls or bludgeoning someone in the head. Good show, lord "master swordsman".

History: (187) Born and raised in the Fire Nation Captiol, Akira's parents were socialites and wealthy business owners, constantly furthering their ascent into the highest ranks of the city. As such, his upbringing was seen to by nurses and nannies, tutors and trainers; he was never given any responsibility, and he never sought it out, either. Akira grew up a self-centered young man, because there was nothing else for him to pay attention to or care for, despite his potential.

When he was sixteen, Akira was given a poodle-monkey, as a joke, but he quickly adopted the animal as his beloved pet. Naming her Li-Li, he doted on the poodle-monkey and gave her anything a pet might want, need, or never wish to experience. Regular grooming and primping, along with the occasional dress-up, became Akira's delight, for his pet.

Now, as a twenty-year-old, a "trained master swordsman" and "master firebender", Akira has decided to venture out into the world, to see what all the fuss is about. Nothing could possibly hurt such an accomplished nobleman... it's just too bad that Akira is nowhere near being self-sufficient, let alone accomplished.

Character Box:

Akira Shirogane II

"I am a master swordsman!"

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PostSubject: Re: Akira Shirogane II   Akira Shirogane II EmptyMon Sep 30, 2013 11:04 am

Great! I love the character. Approved

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PostSubject: Re: Akira Shirogane II   Akira Shirogane II EmptyMon Sep 30, 2013 4:03 pm

you never told me you finished this.
Akira Shirogane II Soa

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PostSubject: Re: Akira Shirogane II   Akira Shirogane II Empty

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Akira Shirogane II
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