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 Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto

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PostSubject: Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto   Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto EmptySat Sep 28, 2013 5:43 pm

Herp derp; wrong profile...~

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PostSubject: Re: Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto   Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 2:29 am

Full Name: Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Element: Water
Birthplace: Foggy Swamp
Position: Medicine(~?) Man
Training: Waterbending (intermediate), Mudbending (intermediate), Grappling (intermediate), Vinebending (beginner), Herbalism (beginner)


Personality: (158) The others of his tribe would describe him as being "as mellow and carefree as a rock". While not the most flattering metaphor, it stands true; Kusu is extremely laid back, preferring to let things happen, rather than forcing them to happen. Though, unlike a rock, he is also very upbeat and cheerful, often singing, a bit off-key and with a heavy accent, when he's happy. If he does become angry, Kusu does not explode; he goes still and his voice becomes deathly quiet, the accent fading almost entirely under the chill of his tone. One of the only things that might make him that angry would be the unnecessary desecration of nature, or abusive actions toward an animal. Kusu would, of course, also come to the defense of a woman or child, if necessary.

Though he is forty-three, Kusu has never really been in love, though he isn't against the idea entirely; he simply wouldn't go looking.

Abilities: (142) Like most of the swamp dwellers, Kusu is a waterbender, but he specializes in murky, muddy water and the water found naturally in flora. While he isn't as adept at bending the water in the marsh vines, he is rather skilled in muddy water, even to the point of bending the water out of the mud, so that it almost looks like he's earthbending when the now-hard ground is flung - though not at quite as high a speed.

Rather than throwing powerful punches or kicks, this swampbender utilizes his strong grip to grapple with his opponents - when he actually has them. Once he has them in his grip, usually a full-body hold, he will either ask them to submit and then desist, or, if very angry, he might dunk their head into the murky water and insist on an apology.

Height: 6'2"
Build: Lanky
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Mossy, Brown
Skin: Tanned

(296) Though the first thing you might notice about this man is his stench, his odd appearance would be just as memorable. Long and lanky, Kusu's ribs are nearly visible because he's so skinny, though there is some muscle tone to his arms and legs; his slim form is probably from being so active and eating so few calories. His skin is tanned - like most waterbenders - and his hair is brown, though the color is obscured by a growth of moss, as well as some bulrushes and a few swamp flowers sticking up out of it, looking almost like an intentional accessory. His grin is lopsided, but it gives him a very pleasant appearance... if only he would clean up a bit, he'd be a looker.

Slung low on his bony hips is a sort of patterned green and brown sarong, which is held up by a belt and conceals most of his sarashi loincloth. His chest is bare, save for the criss-crossing of the twine used to keep his herb plate firmly on his back, and a necklace made of wooden charms and a few catgator teeth.

Across his shoulders and down his arms, to about his elbows, are a series of tattoos. Most are flowing designs done in dark green, almost black, and lighter green, though there are also oranges, reds and browns. Most of the ink depicts more images of the swamp - flowers, vines, as well as some of the animals - though the one picture that the rest seem to stem from, between his shoulder blades, is a large mangrove tree. There is one other tattoo around his right wrist, which is a braided cord, upon which the symbol of his tribe 'hangs' - it looks like an inked bracelet.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Mobile Herb Plate
Materials: Mushrooms, Herbs, Tree Bark, Twine.
Description: A large strip of bark, which ties to Kusu's back. The outer layer has carefully cultivated mushrooms, as well as a pocket of medicinal moss and a few other herbs. It's basically a mobile garden.

Homemade Apothecary Kit
Materials: Canvas Sack Bag, Herbal Pouches, Mortar and Pestle, Wooden Canisters, Teabags.
Description: This canvas bag is tied to Kusu's belt, on his right hip, and is where he stores his medicinal supplies.

Handcarved Hyotan
Materials: Shaped Hyotan Gourd, Cork, Twine.
Description: Hanging on Kusu's belt, on the opposite hip, is this traditional canteen. It's a bit large, and made for carrying murky swamp water, for bending while he travels.

History: (359) Born and raised in the swamp, Kusu is used to a very quiet lifestyle. Most of his childhood and young adult years passed by without much incident, though he did learn to fish quite well, with a pole or bare hands, as well as how to cultivate fungus and herbs, used in various healing methods. He wouldn't describe himself as a particularly manly man, though he wouldn't struggle to compensate for another person's opinion, either - he's quite comfortable with who he is. Kusu is, however, careful, as well as a listener. He'll give advice, when he thinks it's prudent - though he insists that he's only pointing out what the other person is telling him, in their own way - and will often offer a spot at his fire to a stranger, sharing food and drink as he's able. This hasn't changed, despite the years he's added to his life. In fact, Kusu has been very consistent, since he was a young boy.

From a young age, all of the Marsh Tribe children were taught to listen to the trees, but for as long as Kusu could remember, they never said a word to him. It seemed, to him, that the time of spirits had long passed them by, since there hadn't been much change since the time of Avatar Aang's visit. Then, when he had turned forty-one, a rather odd number, he had thought, the bog seemed to tell him that it was time to drag up his roots and walk a while. Though it took him about a year to take heed, and then to leave, Kusu began to walk the wide world, heading off into who-knows where, to do who-knows what. Now a man of forty-three years, Kusu is making his way around the Earth Kingdom, taking in the sites and the culture, as well as some society, when he's allowed. If he isn't allowed, because of his appearance, or smell, or odd clothing, Kusu will pitch his camp outside the city and enjoy a quiet evening, waiting for company, if there would be any, or simply listening to the small sounds of the night.

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PostSubject: Re: Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto   Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 3:16 am

a nice interesting and definitely unorthodox character. an entertaining read. I APPROVE!
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Kusu "Cuss" Sawamoto
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