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 Map Of The Avatar World.

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PostSubject: Map Of The Avatar World.   Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:14 pm

Due to popular demand, here is a map of the Avatar: TLA's world, in all it's glory. Since different maps have some details that vary, please go by this one in order to avoid confusion.


Here's a more detailed one, and one for an idea of the landscape for those who wish to make "in transit" threads.
[WARNING: image is massive]

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PostSubject: Re: Map Of The Avatar World.   Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:47 pm

ADDENDUM: I also have an interactive map of the ATLA world that I can post if we ever make any in-game changes or cities or whatnot or whatever.
Not a huge deal, since it's not likely, but just adding that because yeah.

ADDENDUM PART 2: I found an incredibly detailed (and similarly very massive) image that I added to Kako's post. It makes for great, and very detailed reference both at the locations of ATLA, as well as the landscape of the world.

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Map Of The Avatar World.
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