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 Minali Otoyome

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PostSubject: Minali Otoyome   Minali Otoyome EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 1:25 pm

Full Name: Minali Otoyome
Minali Otoyome Facebetter

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Element: Non-bender
Birthplace: Fire Fountain City
Position: Toy Maker (Engineer)
Training: Engineering (Intermediate) Psudeo-Firebending (Intermediate), Psuedo-Earthbending (Intermediate), Psuedo-waterbending (Beginner), Psuedo-Airbending (Failure)

Personality: (195) Often humming a cheerful tune, with a smile on her face, Minali is a very upbeat person; working at a toy store helps!  With a very expressive face, she should not attempt to play poker, for she would lose; however Minali is one to look misfortune head on and find the bright side of things, determined to try her best and come out ahead. Optimistic, as well as stubborn to a fault, she does not respond well to limitations imposed upon her and will often work tirelessly to shatter them. The happier she is, the more her accent stands out.

While she is easygoing to a point, Minali is not subtle in the slightest, and will attack her target head on until she accomplishes her goal. Her stubbornness does not translate well when confronted with a challenge, keeping her from graciously backing out, regardless of the odds against her. The angrier she is, the clearer and quieter her voice becomes, accent fading so that she can be clearly understood.

On occasion, she will also withdraw for long periods of time – whether physically or mentally – to work on blueprints or machines, until her inspiration is delivered.

Abilities: (155) While it clearly isn’t as versatile or user-friendly as real bending, Minali is able to manipulate the elements to a certain extent, though machinery; which she then calls ‘psuedo-bending’. With her two prosthetic limbs, she is able to break rock and kick it through the air, launching it at an opponent (or at least a training dummy) with an acceptable rate of accuracy. Her fire weapon is basically a glorified flamethrower that she constructed to have replicable fuel cells, while her aquatic weapon is a water gun that’s slightly larger than a child’s toy; that’s all it is. Oh, and it has extra tanks of water – some of them have foul-smelling additions to them, though. Her ‘airbending’ weapon is at its least operable, and mostly resembles a large chunk of shapeless metal, at this moment. She’s still working on all of them; fine-tuning some, reworking others, and still constructing the weapon for the final element. She can only use one of these weapons at a time.

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: ….Brown.

(151) Taller than average and built thick in the thighs, Minali is not a traditional beauty of the Fire Nation. Her skin is naturally tanned brown, without the aid of the sun, one shade lighter than her brown wavy-curls. Inheriting her father’s brown eyes and her mother’s full lips, the only feature that she can claim as solely her own are her smooth, delicate hands – not the usual hands of an engineer.

Preferring to wear a mix of protective leather and sturdy cottons, her wardrobe is an odd mix of protective and revealing, but she thinks it suits her. At her hip is usually a satchel for various tiny precision tools, as well as anything she happened to stuff inside of it earlier that day. Never seen without protective eyewear on her person, Minali sometimes simply uses them as a hair band to keep her curls from falling helter-skelter into her face.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Item Name “the Quake Fist” – Terratic Projectile and Displacement Prosthetic Arm (TPaDPA) and Terratic Projectile Dispersal Prosthetic Leg (TPDPL)
Materials: Folded Steel
Description: Large metal prosthetics that fit over her right arm and her right leg, giving her added strength but lessen her speed. With them, she can punch through rock and kick them long distances, as the earthbenders do with their bending.

Item Name “the Angry Dragon” – Metalic Incendiary Adustum Mass-Dispersal Unit (MIAMDU)
Materials: Folded Steel, Flammables
Description: A large, barely wieldy flamethrower with interchangeable fuel tanks, of which she carries extras. The stream can be set to ‘wide’, allowing her to create large amounts of fire, all at once.

Item Name “the Wet-Maker” – Hydraulic Containment and Dispersal Gun  (HCaDG)
Materials: Folded Steel, Water
Description: A large, hardier version of a child’s toy. There are extra water tanks that can be switched out, as well as some nasty surprises for enemies. Extremely heavy and barely wieldy, as well.

Item Name “the Howling Monkey” – Ventusial Mitigation and Acceleration Device (VMaAD)
Materials: Steel, unfolded
Description: A large hunk of metal that was supposed to do something. Perhaps it will, someday?

History: (344) It was Minali’s father who had first begun production of the pseudo-bending weapons, back when his daughter was very small. Transporting his family out to the country, he fine-tuned his machines as best he could, to make them function as well as natural bending. Mister Otoyome had presented his machines to the Fire Nation Army several times, trying to get funding, but each attempt failed. Minali saw how her father had struggled to perfect his machines, and how much they meant to both of her parents.

When her mother passed away, her father became her primary caretaker. She spent much of her time with him, in the basement, reading his books and notes while he worked tirelessly on those machines, trying to stifle his grief at the loss of his beloved wife. Even as her father became emotionally withdrawn, Minali became more outgoing and cheerful, trying to fill in the gaps. She learned how to cook and to clean the house, as well as manage the family finances, when she was only twelve years old.

Her only interaction with her father, eventually, was when he was teaching her the ins and outs of his machines. Minali followed in his footsteps, becoming an engineer; she was as skilled as her father had been, studying hard in an attempt to please him. In her spare time, she made trinkets and clockwork toys, selling them at a small street-side cart in the city. By the time she was sixteen, she had enough money to purchase a small storefront near the center of town, which she called “Toys of the West”, and returned to live in the city full time.

At that point, her father only puttered around with his machines, barely part of his daughter’s life at all. Despite all of that, Minali continued to provide for her father as best she could, while furthering his machines on her own. She was confident enough, now, to build and customize them for her own use. Soon, Minali planned to try them out; to see what they could do.

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PostSubject: Re: Minali Otoyome   Minali Otoyome EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 3:28 pm

One suggestion I would make is that if you have that faceclaim image, feel free to add it. However, since that and the character box are optional, I read this last night and it looked great. Therefore... approved!

Minali Otoyome Soa

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PostSubject: Re: Minali Otoyome   Minali Otoyome EmptyWed Sep 11, 2013 12:41 am

Edited ^.^

One of Jurishe's alternate characters! (click here for a full character list)
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Minali Otoyome
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