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 Jurishe Chuyin

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PostSubject: Jurishe Chuyin   Jurishe Chuyin EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 12:27 am

Full Name: Jurishe Chuyin
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Element: Water
Birthplace: Southern Water Tribe
Position: Traveling Medic
Training: Waterbending; healing (Intermediate), combat (Beginner)


Personality: An avid lover of music and stories, Jurishe is very social; she thrives in groups of strangers, acquaintances or new friends. Her easygoing personality allows her to fit in with different types of people, while her desire to heal others - whether the wounds are physical or emotional - sometimes allows her to interact with otherwise difficult people, even if it could be to her detriment. Though often carefree, she is prone to strong emotions, which normally drive her to tears, regardless of which emotion is causing them; this is especially frustrating for her if she already happens to be upset, and only makes her angrier. She has been trained to deal with injuries - both light and severe - but she has not yet been in a stressful environment for healing, so it's unclear of how she'd react to the pressure.

Abilities: Jurishe was only ever average, as far as her waterbending is concerned. So far, she has yet to display much imagination or ingenuity because she has not had to; the only tests of her abilities to date have been with a tutor just across the room. In light of that fact, she has set several broken bones, healed lacerations, and administered more mundane remedies. Along with her waterbending training, she learned first aid as a supplementary means of treating her patients; her medical supplies are always within easy reach. In regards to her combat abilities, she has completed training for several basic moves, such as the 'water whip', but even then, Jurishe mostly shields herself with sheets of ice or shrouds her body in water. Even though she doesn't excel in fighting, she is very good at running away in many different environments, often choosing to dodge and avoid attacks all together.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brunette
Skin: Bronze

Description: Before she began traveling, her hair was often primped and pulled into the elaborate styles traditional for the women of the Northern Water Tribe, but now that Jurishe is on the road, she tends to only twist her hair up out of her way and secure it with a clip; still, loose strands of her dark brunette hair frame her face. Jurishe's bronze-toned skin is typical of those belonging to the Water Tribe, as are her light green eyes.

Despite the climate change, she still wears her calf-high leather boots, though she has discarded her fur-lined pants for a looser pair, and her coat was also packed away in favor of a much lighter tunic; traditional hues of blue, purple and white, as well as the distinguishable designs, still mark her as a member of the Water Tribe. There is a slim belt around her waist, visibly peeking out beneath her tunic, which boasts a couple of hidden pockets. Another member of the Tribe would notice that her neck is notably bare; she has no engagement necklace.

Other Gear: Aside from her leather pack, which holds a spare change of clothes, her sleeping bag and the aforementioned medical kit, Jurishe carries a spare length of cord for setting small-game snares, a skinning knife and a few cooking utensils. She plans to stop soon to collect a few more supplies.

History: Born to a happily married couple and raised in the North Pole, Jurishe had a charmed childhood. As the only child of her loving parents, she never wanted for attention. However, such a comfortable beginning did not prepare her for any sort of harshness... When she was finally integrated with other children - who were cruel, as children often are - Jurishe became the prime target for pranks and teasing, bad enough to be near bullying. Retreating almost entirely, the happy little girl became almost completely introverted, even at home, and spent much of her time now alone.

Finally, when she turned eight, Jurishe was able to make a single friend; Takeshi was a small, delicate boy, several years younger than herself, who had been bedridden, born with a rare heart condition, given only two more years to live. It seemed that, with each day they spent in one another's company, each child became less withdrawn and more outgoing. With Takeshi being unable to play outside in the snow, Jurishe would tell him story after story, gathering new tales each day from the various grandmothers and grandfathers of the Tribe before going to his bedside. As they grew, became clear that it was his condition that pushed Jurishe to apply her waterbending abilities to healing, despite the inevitability of it. Before her sixteenth birthday, Takeshi passed away.

His mother would say, afterward, his friendship with Jurishe was what had allowed her son to live for so long, and to pass away peacefully. Many others would say that, if only he had been healthy, the two would have surely been husband and wife, they were so close. Before he died, Takeshi asked his friend to see what stories the rest of the world had to offer, to travel as often as she could, in his place. Heeding his final wish, Jurishe now walks several paths, if only to see what stories they might lead her to.

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PostSubject: Re: Jurishe Chuyin   Jurishe Chuyin EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 2:08 am

while I would generally consier introversion to be something more inherent in people rather than developed (being very much one myself), I mfigured I'd mention that. Overall though, it looks great, and I see no problems with it. Approved!

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Me like.


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Jurishe Chuyin
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