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 The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open)

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The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open) Empty
PostSubject: The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open)   The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open) EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 10:29 pm

Freedoms Glory an awe inspiring ship constructed during the great war by the Bloody Giant and sailed as the only Southern Water Tribe war ship to go toe to toe and survive the entire war still sailing. Malgoth still preferred her over the newer ships in the fleet. So as it prepared to sail to the Earth kingdom The denizens of the Southern Water tribe would be without their chief for a short period as he left on a journey to their brother in the far North. The Northern Water tribe was where he was eventually headed but he was also providing passage for those of his tribe who were leaving the tribe for abroad. So as Malgoth left his hut he may have been a sight that not many had seen in the years since the war. Malgoth always brought two things on him when he left the tribes borders. His armor and his Weapons. His armor on his body still fit like it did in the old days thanks to his daily training, his weapons still fit in their slots on his back. He had a large blue seal skin sack thrown over his right shoulder. He rubbed the heads of the small children in the tribe ruffling their hair and smiling as normal. He had a singular pink bow barided into his beard for one special little girl whom he watched every day for her aunt who had lost both parents in the war and its after effects. Her father having died as part of Malgoths crew and her mother stricken with grief took her own life in the cold waters. He kissed her forehead and told the crying little girl that he would be back soon and not to worry.

"uncle mawwy you pwomise to come home soon?"

The large chief would nod dropping his back and picking her up and hugging her. He was definitely a softy for her, hell he had considered adopting her himself but he had too much of a bloody past to consider himself a worthy parent, to himself he was nothing more but a monster but he wouldn't dare tell anyone that.

"I promise little one, Your uncle mally will be back in no time."

He would pick his bag back up after setting her down and sling it over his shoulder again careful not to have it cut itself on the large axe hanging from its sheath on his back. He would walk up the rough ice ramp onto the ship and pat an old sailor on the back handing his bag to the one waiting the take it. But who would be joining the chief on his journey to the north he had announced to everyone that it was an open ride. However no one had showed up yet, he would give them another hour before he left. He walked over to the railing of the ship and looked out over the water smiling. It was a good day for sailing and a better one to start a new chapter in his life and this tribes history.

"The Bloody Giant was a great man, but that was a different life"
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The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open)   The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open) EmptySat Aug 24, 2013 4:07 am

Zakura Zulera Tallarico

It had been a long time that Akhet had been saying that he was going to take an adventure out of the tribe. With the disappearance of his wife and one of his twin daughters, he was mostly alone. his other daughter, Zakura, was still alive and well, and the two lived together. However, much like Zak's aunt, Avatar Zulera, Zakura and her father Akhet longed to see the world again as well. She was not worried about the well-being of the Tribe in Malgoth's absence. it seemed to run rather smoothly. Besides... that old witch, Zurok Takamatzu, was still alive and kicking. She'd beat anyone into shape if they misbehaved... after all, she kept the Avatar in check. She was Akhet and Zulera's mother, and therefore Zakura's grandmother.

The chief was a beast of a man, although Akhet and even Zakura were not exactly small fellows. None of their family were except the Avatar herself. even Zak, who was almost only half her age, was already a couple inches taller than her.

The two of them approached the old ship and the beastly chief of a man that was about to set sail. Perhaps a formal introduction was in order. Akhet stayed silent, letting Zakura do that. Akhet was quiet and cunning much like her only sister. Zakura had grown up (and been raised) the same way.

"Greetings, chief," Zakura introduced herself, "I am Zakura Zulera Tallarico, and this is my father, Akhet. we would like to accompany you on your voyage."
based on the loads they were carrying, it seemed that they planned to pull their own weight. Still... she would see how Malgoth reacted to their presence.
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The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open) S3SXA4 Korra--Forum AdminThe Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open) Meloetta-pirouette
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The Chief goes to the North! Chapter 1 (Open)
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