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 Aveline Zianja Tosari

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PostSubject: Aveline Zianja Tosari   Aveline Zianja Tosari EmptySun Apr 28, 2013 3:42 am

Aveline Zianja Tosari Azt

Full Name: "I am Captain Aveline Zianja Tosari."
Gender: "despite what some people might say, I am in fact female."
Age: "my 24th birthday was last spring."
Element: "I am an earthbender."
Birthplace: "while I was born in the Fire Nation Capital, Gaoling in the Earth Kingdom is where I call home."
Position: "I was a young Earth Kingdom General in the later myears of the War of Tipped Scales. After the war I downgraded to captain of the Gaoling division."
Training: "any good warrior understands the importance of discipline."
Earthbending: Expert Level
Metalbending: Expert Level
Swordsmanship: Expert Level
Hand-to-Hand: Expert Level

Personality: (333) "you go through me before anyone else!"
Aveline is seen as a variety of things by those who meet her. She is anything from compassionate and kind to dangerous and intimidating. Really, it depends on how she views you. Generally, she is a very kind and moral person with respect for righteous authority and protective of her friends and family. As strongly as she follows a lawful authority, she is not oblivious to corruption, and in fact has a keen sense on when something isn't right. if the moral choice goes against the lawful choice, the moral choice is the one she will choose.
She is fiercely loyal to those she befriends, but is very stern and intimidating to those she dislikes, both from her tone of voice and even her appearance. While normally strict about her adherence to her moral codes, she is not unreasonable, and can be swayed if she sees enough good in an alternative course of action.
Aveline's life in the military started early, and it paid off well. She is a brilliant tactician, and even now that she has downgraded to essentially the work of a constable, she is still very alert of her duties, and quickly learns and adapts to any changes in strategies that may be needed.
However, these cunning tactics might serve her well in the military, but during day-to-day social life, Aveline comes off as slightly awkward, especially when or if she is trying to express strong positive feelings from each other, be it love or simply devoted friendship. Despite her many talents, she is also very humble, and is aware of her shortcomings, doing whatever she can to rectify them as she changes and grows.
Having lost many friends and loved ones in battle, particularly in the recent War of Tipped Scales, Aveline is very protective of the few friends or family that she has left, and is more than willing to put her life on the line for them. However, years on the battlefield have made her... oddly resistant.

Abilities: (335) "Every battle is training for the next."
Aveline is a woman of great power and even greater resilience. While a bit on the slow side (even mentally) she is very strong and extremely difficult to knock off her feet--or to beat in an arm-wrestle. She has the build of an earthbender, with the stocky, muscular frame, broad hands and feet, and notorious stubbornness. She is a very powerful metalbender, and with her strength, some people jokingly wonder if she is actually metalbending, or simply ripping the metal in two with her bare hands. Both stories seem plausible.
Aveline is also well-versed in the use of a sword and shield, and she carries both with her on most occasions. both are heavy metal, which means they can do devastating power and block powerful attacks when in the right hands. despite this, Aveline does lift these artifacts with her bare hands without the aid of metalbending.
Aveline's bending style is generally defensive or countering, and she is able to swiftly retaliate when in melee combat. she particularly enjoys earthen fists or giant boulders.
She also possesses a certain talent in hand-to-hand combat. While her lack of speed carries over, her resilience kicks in and while she might only get a couple hits in while her enemy lands several, she is difficult to flinch, and her hits pack quite a punch. it is not unheard of to see her KO) someone with one well-placed mighty hit, though usually these victims are fragile speedsters at best. Aveline only resorts to hand-to-hand if it is a specific request or if she is devoid of bending abilities and a sword or shield.
Aveline's military experience not only taught her how to fight, but it taught her how to fight well. what she might lack in social intelligence, she makes up for in common sense and cunning strategy. she knows how to hit and make it hurt, and ultimately there are few things in life that she believes cannot be solved by the iron fist of the law.

Appearance: (274)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 169 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Skin: Light
"I didn't ask to be the butt of your jokes."
Aveline's tall, burly figure comes off as very masculine. Rightly, she is in fact very muscular, but certain curves on her body remind those around her that she is in fact female. it is a bit harder to tell when she has her armor on, but even in her everyday clothing, her massive arms have triggered a masculine joke more than Aveline is happy with. She has broad hands and feet and is very much an earthbender. the mass of her limbs and the size of her hands and feet makes it seem as if she was perfectly designed for such.
In the thickest of battles, Aveline is decked out in full plate armor that impedes movement (like most heavy armor does) but makes her almost impossible to knock down. even outside of battle, she is often seen wearing heavy armor. Otherwise, she dresses fairly conservatively, with pants and a modest shirt, though she sometimes exposes her arms.
Aveline stands out because of her fiery red hair, which is usually shoulder-length, and sometimes tied at the end. Aveline is also usually seen with a small red headband around her forehead. it seems to hold some significance to her, but what this significance is, is not clear.
Aveline is solidly built to the point of looking somewhat intimidating for the softer people of the world. She has piercing green eyes, a solidly-set face, and can give off quite the stern glare. it should also be noted that Aveline has freckles, the most noticeable of which are on her face. she likely also has them elsewhere, but she is not exactly swift to show much skin.
[bonus image!]

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Item Name: Sword
Materials: Steel
Description: A large, metal blade bearing the crest of the Earth Queen and the symbol of the Earth Kingdom. It was a standard issue for soldiers of Aveline's rank.

Item Name Shield
Materials: Steel
Description: A thick, heavy shield with the symbol of the Earth Kingdom emblazoned on the front. It was a standard issue for soldiers of Aveline's rank.

History: (727)
"so it begins..."
Aveline's humble history began in the Fire Nation Capital 24 years before the current day. Born to a pair of Earth Kingdom ambassadors to the Fire Nation, Aveline's place of birth was simply business. However, as hostilities gradually began to build between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, Aveline's family returned to Gaoling in the Earth Kingdom while Aveline was still a little girl, so she has little memory of the Fire Nation other than what her military visits had done for her. She is much more at home in the Earth Kingdom.
Born and raised a soldier, it was the most prominent life that Aveline knew. she joined the military as soon as she felt like she could pass off as old enough, which, given her size and stature, was at age 14. Aveline was a bit on the short side back then, but she was burly and had "man-hands" even at that time.
She did get teased a bit because of her strength, and because of her original gentle nature, she would not retaliate. she grew more aggressive as she aged, however, as all teenagers do, and by that time,. she wasn't afraid to strike back anymore, and so she got into numerous fights during her teenage years. this was part of the inspiration in her mind for her to join the military.
Her attunement to order, discipline, and law helped Aveline rise quickly through the ranks. Aveline was not one to suck up to someone, but she had long since instilled a strong moral code in herself, which helped her live her life the way she did. her respect for authority and understanding that there were people superior to her both in strength, wisdom, and skill.
When the War of Tipped Scales began, Aveline fought for Queen Meili and her Tekina-Kaze allies against the Fire Nation. While it may have been her native land, she had no real connection to it, instead having a bond with the Earth Kingdom, and, ironically, a slightly stronger respect for the Water Tribes, mostly because of their respect of family, and of laws and traditions.
Aveline's personality in war hardened a bit more after she learned that her parents had both been murdered during the war. By this time, she was in her early 20s, and so while their deaths are still recent on her mind, she was old enough that she did not need to rely on them for support. She has also lost many other friends and loved ones on the field, causing her to cherish those that remain even more so.
After Fire Lord Novai was disposed of, Aveline left the military, settling down with a more humble life back in the city of Gaoling, where she felt the strongest attachment to. She was given command of a law-enforcement division here, and this is where she has settled down for the most part.
Aveline has few friends, not so much because of her intimidating appearance or even from her social awkwardness as much as it is simply that she is wary when approaching people. She does not fear people, but she is not a public speaker nor very good with social pleasantries, often turning it awkward fairly fast. However, those who are patient enough with her will earn a lifelong friend who is more than willing to lay her life down to protect those she loves.
Living a more relaxed life than the intense grueling madness of the military during times of world war, helped Aveline appreciate a few of the smaller things in life. she enjoys a good cup of tea, and is especially fond of forested areas, the full moon, and heavy rainfall. Her favorite color is green--the color of trees; of spring; of forests, her eyes, and the color of her country of residence.
Aveline suffers from her own shortcomings and insecurities, but overall, she is confident in her skills and is safe with herself in assuring that she is doing what she believes is the right thing. She knows that she is prone to error, however, and can be corrected if there is enough reason supplied behind an opposing view. Her fearless nature when it comes to life-threatening matters makes her a loyal companion to bring along on any sort of "epic quest", which, incidentally, she always seems game for.

Reasons Why You Believe You Deserve a Master-Tier Character/Position:
Because I have done this in a thousand lifetimes before this and I will do it in a thousand more. You all know who I am, and so I won't even say it this time. if you don't... well, here's me, and more importantly, here's me not giving a crap. So if this offends anyone here, put it in your pipe and smoke it and/or get over it. You know I love you.

**Required of ALL Master Tier Characters**

Character Box:
With Sample RP within (527)

Aveline Zianja Tosari

"Wait a second... I didn't think you were actually serious about bringing along one of them."
"Toshi, the last time you doubted me, you ended up with a cute little girlfriend."
"that's exactly the reason I should doubt you more, Karlos," Toshinori chuckled, "but aye. I see no reason why we can't bring her along. If nothing else, just think--she's manly enough that it won't disrupt the manly team of manliness that we already have established."
"well why not bring her friend then--he's manlier than her."
"that's debatable," Karlos quipped.
"you know," said a voice from behind the two men, "I'd really like it if you didn't talk about me behind my back like that."
"Aveline!" Toshinori exclaimed, "well, that was fast."
"Sergi said you were all going on a dragon hunt and that you were looking for another member for your team."
"lovely." karlos shrugged, "so we've got the ancient old wisecrack, snarky loverboy here; me in all my awesomeness, that blind guy, mister curly-haired silver-tongue and now lady man-hands?"
"shut up, boy." Aveline snapped.
"hey, don't be hating on Fukaya," the curly-haired man, whose name was Emryk, quipped, stepping forward, "he's got a wife and 12 kids that he defends on a regular basis. blind or not, he knows what he's doing."
"or did you just insist we bring him along because he's a good cook," Karlos quipped,
"at any rate, I'd almost say that he doesn't want our company." Aveline remarked.
"don't be ridiculous Aveline!" Karlos exclaimed, "I need the long arm of the law to help strike this dragon down."
Aveline was not sure if he was joking or serious, and so she glared at him. it was actually enough that Karlos stepped back.
"you still scare the piss out of me, you know that."
"good." Aveline crossed her arms.
a few minutes later, they were joined by Sergi and Fukaya, meaning that their band of men (and Aveline) was complete. To see them would have been enough to make someone think they were fighting some kind of incredible war or something. they were all heavily armed, and were wearing thick armor as well, including Fukaya and Sergi.
incidentally, it was he who Aveline got along with the most during this journey. He was a very quiet and gentle man of few words, but he always had a good joke to make, and his friendly demeanor almost gave him a soft spot in Aveline's heart. this was not an attraction of love, but she found that Fukaya's refusal (or perhaps inability) to interact meanly with anyone was an extremely admirable trait.
She learned to snap back at Karlos' stupid jokes. Sergi was patient enough with her; Toshinori made playful quips in her direction, but he knew when to stop much better than Karlos did, and so he was easier to put up with. Emryk and his dangerous silver tongue annoyed Aveline simply because that boy had an answer for everything, even if they weren't debating. Still... their journey had only begun, and so there was plenty of time for them all to foster friendships (or rivalries)... whatever the case may be.
Mood: Content
Condition: Healthy

By typing your Forum name below, you acknowledge that your Master-Tier Character requires a considerable degree of activity(to be judged by our staff), and that you are subject to removal from your position of your Master-Tier Character if site staff unanimously decide you are not fulfilling this required level of activity in an undue respect. This judgement will also apply if abuse of this position occurs, whether in or out of character (IC or OOC).

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I approve, Zul. I don't know how many approvals you need since we're short staffed.

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Approved Zul. ^^

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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Aveline Zianja Tosari
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