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 Zevran Arianna Takeo

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Character Description
Age: 26
Position: Assassin
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PostSubject: Zevran Arianna Takeo   Zevran Arianna Takeo EmptyTue Mar 19, 2013 12:11 pm

Zevran Arianna Takeo Zat

Full Name: Zevran Arianna Takeo
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Element: Water
Birthplace: Southern Water Tribe
Position: Ex-Assassin; Ex-Member of the Legions of the Mark
Waterbending: Expert
Healing: Intermediate
Swordplay: Expert
Archery: Intermediate

Personality: (259)
"Planning has never been my strong suit. Now, killing...killing and love-making. Killing and love-making and witty retorts. Those I am better at."
Zevran is an easy-going fellow who flows like water. He is not necessarily a man of morals, and his promiscuous reputation often precedes him. He is shamelessly flirty, however, and will usually not stop unless threatened or given a forceful rejection. It does not seem to weigh him down at all though, as he will just move to the next target. He does enjoy freedom and is not terribly fond of rules or strict traditions, though his easy-going nature keeps him as a fairly easy person to be around. Many people would say that the hardest thing about dealing with Zevran would be his flirtatiousness, but once that's out of the way, he gets along just fine. He is not known for planning things out in great detail, instead liking to jump in and see where fate takes him.
Zevran's self-proclaimed specialties are killing, love-making, and witty retorts, all of which he is ready to do at nearly any given time. He is shameless about what he does, who he is, and even what he looks like. He will schmooze and compliment just about anyone if there is something to be gained form them, or if they are good-looking enough. While he is known to get it on with the ladies, he sometimes also flirts with men. Whether or not he is actually bisexual, or just does it to creep straight men out, remains yet a mystery.

Abilities: (279)
"One does not do what I do and fear death so very greatly."
Zevran is a talented waterbender who also has proficiency in healing, and specialized "Water Tribe Massages". he is also rather competent with the bow and arrow, though his weapons of choice are daggers. he specialized in speed and striking right where it hurts, and is somewhat stealthy due to his nature as an ex-assassin.

Waterbending: Zevran is a powerful waterbender whose favorite techniques are the water whip and the ice spikes, particularly the latter. he has considerable skill in throwing them, and his speed and accuracy carry over here.
Healing: Zevran also has basic abilities in healing, which are amplified by his skills in massage. This is one of those talents he likes to brag about in particular, evne if it is not his true forte.
Swordplay: (or dagger-play, as it will). Zevran is a talented duel-wielder known for his speed and precision, even if his moves lack power. Unless he is launching a stealkth kill, it is unlikely that a single strike from him will kill a person, but he links his moves together with skill and accuracy.
Archery: Zevran is also a decent archer. he is not a sure-shot or a sniper or anything with the skills he has, but he can still hit a target, and more importantly, can hit a target repeatedly and swiftly.

Zevran is also somewhat charismatic, and definitely a schmoozer and a ladies' man. He is quick-witted and analytical, figuring out what the best type of compliment would be, and he always seems to have a witty retort for any rude or disparaging remark that is thrown his way.

Appearance: (259)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Slender
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Hair: Golden/Blond

Zevran is slightly taller than average, and has a lithe, slender frame that keeps him light on his feet and swift in his movements. He is nimble and flexible, with deft hands and impressive displays of dexterity. He has sets of tattoos on his body, namely his back and face. the ones on his face are two curved lines that run down from his eyes to his mouth. the ones on his back are similar in nature, though a bit more tribal. he tends to wear light armor that exposes his upper arms, though also wears armored gloves and boots. he tends to also wear something resembling an armored skirt, but wears pants underneath it. This, along with his long, silky dirty-blond hair, gives him somewhat of a feminine appearance, but this has never fazed him, and he knows that the chicks still dig him anyways, or so he says.
He has brown eyes, dark Water Tribe skin, and tends to have a smooth step to his walk. he usually dresses in greens and browns unless the situation demands otherwise. He is usually also armed, primarily with a water skin or two, a pair of daggers, and a bow and quiver of arrows. he has a few battle scars from fights, but none are terribly prominent. Given the nature of his 'work', however, he is often covered in blood, which gives him an even more rugged appearance. However, considering that he is from the Water Tribes, where rugged good looks are totally the norm, he's still quite the good-looking guy. xD

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Bow--just a bow made of wood
Twin daggers [/center]--two identical steel daggers

History: (687)
"Ahhh, I grew up in a place such as this. They say you can never go home again, but for ten silvers an hour you can get pretty close."
Zevran was born in one of the shadier regions of the Southern Water Tribe to a pair of rather promiscuous hunters who were also secretly assassins. with this type of background, it did not take long for Zevran to pick up on some "tools of the trade", and while he did learn a bit of hunting, the things he remembers most about his parents were that there was nothing he had that he needed to be ashamed of, and that killing things--be they animals of people--was totally okay. Such was the nature of assassination, and so these were but tools of the trade.
He had a fairly good childhood though, despite his dysfunctional family. his parents never mistreated him, but they were seldom ever there, and so one day after his father did not come home, Zevran hardly mourned.
His pride and shamelessness followed him later into his life, for he started training to become an assassin when he was in his early teen years. This was augmented by the fact that the Avatar had helped revive an old group known as the Legions of the Mark, which trained and spawned powerful warriors and assassins. Always intrigued by the hand-in-hand concept of death and politics, Zevran wanted in, and soon made his way in. he had impressive skill, and was integrated into the group soon enough. It also helped that Zevran's mother also "did not come home one day" for whatever reasons, and like his father, Zevran hardly mounred her loss, having hardly truly known her.
things toned down a bit after Zulera formally "disbanded" the group, but the assassins were not about to just lay their weapons down and live peaceful lives, and so those who were already deep in the trade continued it, often travelling the world in the process. Zevran was one of these, and he prospered fairly well in the ranks with his wit, charm, and cunning.
However, he eventually got expelled from the organization because he broke too many rules. This was the official story anyways, though Zevran was pretty sure it was because he made sweet, sweet love to one assassin too many (okay, more like numerous assassins too many), even accidentally causing the death of at least two. It did not bother him though, and since then he has been flying solo, taking on mercenary work as an assassin or a warrior here and there when he was needed.
It was sometime around the early years of his free-reign that he ran into a pair of sisters--a fiery one named Alzei, and her younger sister Raykel. Alzei and Raykel were originally targets that Zevran had been sent to kill, but after seeing them, he realized that he could not kill such beautiful creatures without bedding them first, and so that soon marked the beginning of one of his greater ambitions in life. Always getting turned down but never letting it faze him, this remained one of Zevran's greater quests.
Also during these journies and attempts to woo the beautiful ladies, he crossed paths with a short, quaint fellow in the Earth Kingdom named Oghren. He had had a similar background of getting kicked from one of the more powerful organizations around, and this was apparently enough for the two to form something of a bond. Nowadays, they normally stick together, always going after wenches, booze, mercenary duties, and each other, of course. consistently throwing insults back and forth became something of a game for the two of them, but somehow, despite their differences, they still seem to get along quite well. He shamelessly speaks of Alzei and Raykel (particularly Alzei), and has still not given up on that goal either.
Where is Zevran now? He is probably wandering the world with his good friend Oghren, at some tavern getting drunk, getting in a fight, or smooth-talking some beautiful woman (that is not named Alzei). Such are his ways.

Character Box:

Zevran Arianna Takeo

It's Zul and stuff. Yeah.
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Things just got a little more interesting Twisted Evil I Love it, and I gladly approve!

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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Coolio, I approve.
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Zevran Arianna Takeo
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