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 First Day in Ba Sing Se (Meili)

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PostSubject: First Day in Ba Sing Se (Meili)   Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:56 pm

Jaya Dulari

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Jaya had recently arrived in Ba Sing Se, after little more than a year of traveling. She'd had a lot of fun adventures, but now she had reached her destination. She looked around the massive city around her, taking in the sight and the smell. It definitely wasn't Kyoshi Island, and Jaya was glad she had moved on. She walked into a store, and soon walked out with a bag of food over her shoulder. She looked around, trying to spot lodging somewhere.

Jaya eventually decided on a tavern. Jaya walked in, stepping up to the counter. "Can I get a room, please?" The innkeeper grunted, but nodded, giving her an old brass key as she gave him adequate pay. She made her way to the room, and set down her things, before returning to the tavern downstairs. There were many interesting figures about.

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PostSubject: Re: First Day in Ba Sing Se (Meili)   Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:51 pm

Meili Mitali Zalika

The Earth Queen was one of the last people that would remained confined within 4 walls of the palace. she at least would travel around the city, sometimes even around the whole Earth Kingdom, if she had enough time to do so. in this case, she was just taking some R&R at a local tavern. She entered, acting as calm and composed as she usually did, but not overly prissy.

she ordered a round of drinks, which she drained fairly easily. she belched after one of them.
"surely you've got something stronger than this!" she barked, slapping a few gold coins on the table, "don't let my gender fool you, and especially don't let my height deceive you."

Meili was a short and stocky woman, but she was very tolerant to alcohol, and generally just resilient by nature. She was cunning and powerful, but that didn't mean that she didn't like to unwind and have a bit of fun every now and again. After all, she too was only human.

after getting a stronger drink that probably could have killed a lesser individual (she had to pull out an extra couple of silvers for it), she gave a satisfied sigh.
"Thank you." she nodded approvingly.
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First Day in Ba Sing Se (Meili)
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