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 So what brings you way out here? (Open)

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Xin Rui
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PostSubject: So what brings you way out here? (Open)   Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:08 pm

Xin Rui

With a loud yawn, a flock of birds flew away from the tree in a forest near the walls of the great city. Xin stretched out his arms, rubbed his eyes to wake up faster and then unfastened the belt from the tree. He was now loose and he then wrapped that same belt around the trunk and slid down. He had a tent in his pack but he had a reason why he did not use it last night. Moose Lions were walking about at night, so he steered clear of them by climbing up the tree. They did not tend to be awake in the day unless they were the mountain variety. The forest dwelling ones usually looked for food at night. As he stretched his legs, he set about trying to hunt up some breakfast. He had been out here for three days now out of his own volition. He had a nice, warm bed he could go to, but that was not as fun. Xin loved camping on his own looking for his own food and water. Speaking of water, he could use a bath. But he’d wait to use a spring later after he was done roughing it for the day. Eggs sounded good to him.

Komodo chicken eggs were delicious. The problem was that when in the wild, they were very malicious and vindictive. Xin would need to send it on its way. Peeking through the bushes and spotting the creature and the nest, he noticed a large rock across from him. With a wave of his hand, the rock rumbled. The animal stood up and went to investigate it. When it was out of sight, Xin walked to the nest, bent down and took a few eggs. He was hungry enough to take them all but he restrained himself; it would be too cruel if he took them all. With a only a handful, he crept out of the nest area and back to his tree, setting up a stove and heating it with flint and tinder. He waited for the eggs to cook to a golden brown and let out another yawn. He was curious if he’d meet anyone out here today. He had seen some people the other day, but they did not talk to him. Hopefully he’d be able to socialize with someone.

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So what brings you way out here? (Open)
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