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 Only a Matter of Time[OPEN]

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Mei Fong
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PostSubject: Only a Matter of Time[OPEN]   Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:12 pm

General Mei Fong

"Lo and behold, the great Mei Fong, brought to his knees by a mere bandit!" Mei wasn't sure what hurt more, the blade wound or his pride.

It wasn't often Mei had time off, but when he did, something always seemed to go wrong. He wore common Fire Nation attire, but kept his sword on his belt, walking down the path leading to the Great Divide. It was a dull road, but the longer he walked it, the more at ease he felt.

The easier it was to sneak up on him. "Raela, go, now, it's your turn.", hissed Tain. The woman huffed, being the laziest of the group, she hated to be forced to be their distraction. Although she carried the duty out well, sneaking around, and popping out of the trees in front of Mei, glancing at him, and smiling. Mei noted how she was dressed, a tattered dress, holes in spots that revealed more than Mei wanted to see.

She slipped closer, pressing her chest against Mei's, slowly slipping a dagger out of a small hidden sheath on her hip, "How're you doing handsome?" Mei reached down, his hand quick as lightning, gripping her wrist, and twisting so she was forced to drop the blade, "Better before you showed up.", he said, shoving her aside, and drawing his sword, "I'll suppose your friends are nearby.", he said, "Well, call them out then, they want to dance with Mei Fong, they can, at least, do it face to face."

"Tain, he knows..." The bandit chief cursed and stepped out into the open, weilding a long, slender blade, as did his half-dozen cohorts. "You don't strike me as a common man, Mr. Fong.", Tain said, striding forward. "I'm not.", Mei replied, "Just Mei.", he said. "Ok, then, Mei, hand over all of your valuables, and I'll let you live."

Mei chuckled lightly. "This is not a time for laughter, Mei. If you don't comply, we will kill you."

Mei struck a sword fighting pose, "I'd like to see you try.", he replied. Tain stepped forward, "Fine. Take him!" The seven bandits descended on him with clumsy, unpracticed swings, easily deflected and dodged, but difficult due to the sheer number of blades, there was no way he'd be able to attack at this rate. Tain swung, and jabbed at Mei's chest, while his friends kept him busy by swinging at his legs and arms. "Liko, now!", Tain yelled, Mei, assuming he was the reason a younger woman attacked him was due to Tain's command, deflected the blade, and then was promptly smashed in the back of the head by a rock, and Tain's blade pierced through Mei's chest, popping out the back between his spinal cord, and his right shoulder blade.

He hardly had time to think about the pain, nor his reaction, for nearly right after that, Tain raised his arms, mockingly, towards the sky, "Lo and behold, the great Mei Fong, brought to his knees by a mere bandit!" Mei wasn't sure what hurt more, the blade wound or his pride.

Tain smiled and tore the blade free of the Mei's chest, kicking Mei onto his back, "What was that about trying?", Tain asked. "Shouldn't we be taking his stuff?", asked Raela. Tain shook his head, "No...leave it all here to rot with this fool...", he said, turning and walking away, leaving Mei there, staring up at the darkening sky, "It was only a matter of time, I suppose..."

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"Strength, Honor, Loyalty, Integrity, Pride. The Glory of the Fire Nation is not measured in riches, but by the morals of it's citizens, one bad apple stains our names, and must be crushed without hesitation." - General Mei Fong
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Only a Matter of Time[OPEN]
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