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 New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.

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Daichi Takumi
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PostSubject: New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.   Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:35 pm

As of right now, a new rule has been put in place. Due to the similarity between some characters that use faceclaims and names from Avatar, and the actual characters themselves, we're going to have to require everyone with one of the said characters to post in this thread. In this thread they're going to have to state a few simple reasons why they believe they deserve that character's name and/or face.

Please state two things:
Requirement A: Why you believe you can use a faceclaimed or named character without drawing too much inspiration from the show

Requirement B: Why you believe your character is different from the face it uses.

Please go into at least some detail (IE:250-300 words total at least). Although it can be in one post, if you have more than one faceclaimed character, then you'll have to fulfill the second requirement for each character.

Also, this first post is going to compile a list of which characters have been approved and which have not, so once you've posted in the thread, be sure to check back later.



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PostSubject: Re: New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.   Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:58 pm

in behalf of Zulera, where should I begin my rant.

As I've explained many times in the chat, Zulera is a cross between one o the villains from my novel, as well as with what I had hoped that Korra would be. Granted, she was made before Korra was released, and so I was saved from the trouble after learning that Korra was more or less the unsure and weak kid, instead of the snarky, carefree and erratic Avatar that Zulera has turned into.

So it's clear that Zulera is very different from Korra, given that Korra is unsure and weak, and Zulera is sure of herself and strong, even if she does get her ass kicked a bit. Incidentally, me putting Zul's hair down was not part of me trying to make her and Korra look less alike; just a thing that I did.

Ultimatley though, even if this is not 300 words... come now, folks. I have had this FC for a year, and apparently qualified enough to be the Avatar even before I was an admin. Any questions, comments, oppositions, or whatnot, (or if I just need to set some kind of standard) let me know. I'm flexible enough.

Sanaki--Forum Admin [AKA Zul]
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~Zelgius Sanaki~
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PostSubject: Re: New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.   Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:51 pm

I'll just stop using the korra fan art face claim if it really means it to everyone. It's just not worth it seeing as we i used a story that is completly nothing like this characcter at all. I understand this is the admins rules, but i see this stupid personally. (Its nothing against you guys. The fight to keep these claims is just a bunch of ridicule to me) so as for that; i will not be using the Korra face claim.

(My personal thoughts. Nothing against you guys because I love you guys. Smile )

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PostSubject: Re: New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.   Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:15 pm

F***, I didn't want to be typing a bunch today...

Ok, first off, Mei(Iroh II), is, yes, loyal to his nation, and a general for that nation, however, while Iroh has complete confidence in himself, and the choices his leaders make, Mei feels they are far too greedy, and decietful. He frequently overthinks his own life choices and wonders if he might have been happier had he chosen a different path.

Unlike Iroh, also, Mei is mezmerized by the Avatar, but finds her position to be a burden rather than a blessing. Mei has been contemplating leaving his position to seek a new life, unlike Iroh, who is content where he is. Mei, unlike Iroh, is not as competent a firebender, and lacks any sense of mercy for those who would dare to stand in his way.

Mako, unlike the one in the show, is unsure of himself, and constantly seeks to make the people he cares for happy. He is depressive, and often-times overly analytical. He bears Mako's aggressive defense of his friends, and rage-driven power, but also carries multiple added personality pieces, including his ability to calm himself down easily.

Mako lacks the firebending skill the one in the show has, but makes up for it with his knowledge of the stances of all four nations. Mako wanders the world in solitude while the show-Mako lives with Bolin and prefers to have his friends close.

No one has complained to me about anything, and if this isn't enough to convince you, then...yeah...

"Don't patronize me."
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PostSubject: Re: New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.   

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New Requirements for Faceclaimed characters.
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