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 Causing Trouble in the Tribes [Loki]

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PostSubject: Causing Trouble in the Tribes [Loki]   Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:21 am

The frigid Northern winds slapped Matsu in the face as she flew closer and closer to the Northern Water Tribe. She'd never been, and had begged the Eastern Air Temple elders to let her go visit, if only for a day or two. She hadn't been allowed to take a bison with her, and so she was using Run-Li's glider.

The air was freezing and Matsu passed a fishing boat; the waterbenders within waved at her as she flew overhead and she laughed as she swooped down towards the docks. She landed lightly and a guard saluted to her as she passed into the Tribes. Jeez, it really was freezing here. She was wearing different attire than usual; instead of her short skirt paired with bright yellow shorts, she was wearing bright yellow leggings with a dark red knee-length skirt. The sash around her waist was red as usual, but instead of a yellow tube-top, she was wearing a tight long sleeve with the usual orange sash over it.

She mentally cursed herself as she realized that the Tribes were colder than anywhere she'd ever been. Acting her age of 23, she went into a store and bought some actual Water Tribe attire. Leaving the shop, she felt big and bulky in her penguin-seal parka and boots; underneath were blue clothes similar to that of many of the Water Tribe women.

She toddled around through the streets, waddling in the unfamiliar clothing, her head buried under a giant hood. The city was absolutely beautiful, and huge. She waved to a couple passing in a boat through the beautiful streets of the Northern Tribe; she continued waddling around for about two hours, soaking it all in. Her stomach grumbled but she didn't know what would be good to eat in the Northern Tribe--the elders of the Air Temples had warned her that some of their foods might be...very un-yummy. They of course hadn't used those words, but Matsu thought that sounded better.

She continued walking, trying to talk to someone so she might ask where a restaurant or tea shop was, but many of the people continued right past her. Eventually, she slammed her airbending staff on the ground, blasting someone on their butt.

"OI!" she said to get their attention. "Do you know where I can find some food?" she finished sweetly, with a small smile, although she doubted they could see her face under the humongous hood. But she was warm, and that's what mattered.
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Causing Trouble in the Tribes [Loki]
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