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 In Absence of a Chief [OPEN]

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PostSubject: In Absence of a Chief [OPEN]   Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:48 pm

Akhet Sumatra Tallarico

The disappearance of the Southern Water Chief was enough to make people besides Akhet and Zakura question what had happened. Luckily, the Water Tribes were for the most part a tight-knit group, but there was always the occasional anarchist among them. Akhet's sister was one of them.

but, if she was going to spread anarchy, she was either doing so somewhere else, or wasn't doing it at all. the Southern Water Tribe managed things the way it always had.
he decided that he did not want to wait for news from the North, if they knew anything aobut the plight of their sister tribe, and so, taking his daughter Zakura along with him, AKhet set out for the Northern Water Tribe.

he arrived there and was utterly shocked to find that their situation was similar to the situation in the south. there was no sign of the Northern Water Chief anywhere. there was also no sign of anarchy. from the outside, the place was as orderly as it usually was. this was utterly strange.

for the time being, Akhet and Zakura decided to make themselves at home here, and see what showed up. even after the war, the Northern Water Tribe cities were larger and more expansive than the Southern Water Tribe cities, and so with more people, there was a potentially larger pool of anarchists or revolutionaries or whatever else. Akhet first suspected his sister, but he saw no sign of her either, despite the mischief she had caused years ago. whatever had happened to the chiefs, they had disappeared without a trace.
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In Absence of a Chief [OPEN]
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