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Mozello Shao
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PostSubject: Competitor   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:28 am

Mozello 'Moth' Shao

(Invitation only - PM for permission)

The feeling of weightlessness, the sound of something breaking, sudden loss of breath. Darkness.

Mozello's black eyelashes fluttered as she began to regain conscious thought, not wanting to fully awaken her worn hands traced the local surroundings. Feeling out a bed, sheets, the wooden frame and... Something damp wrapped around her torso. Strands of fabric, bandages?


The firebender opened her mouth to try and vocalize the building confusion, instead greeted with immense pain that raced from the now-apparently bruised ribcage as she breathed in, her eyes to shooting open in turn. Even though her accent was normally deep, a potent throbbing sensation under her bosom made this utterance shrill, broken and crude.


"Ah good, your awake Moth."

Everything was blurred and hazed over for a few seconds, the voice Mozello had heard as she was regaining her composure sounded familiar and warm. A figure dressed in blue and white stood at the side, they must have been keeping watch.

"I'm surprised you managed to come around this quickly, the finals are still taking place."

Ah, it was that crazy waterbender teenager Mia again. Which meant that she must have gotten the shit kicked out of her and was now in the arena's infirmary. Strange, that she could not even remember that she'd gone to participate in a bending tournament or even the recent events leading up to now.

"How, ugh- was I out?"

"Oh, um, about two hours... Or so. About. Wasn't really paying attention to the time."

Mia always had a habit of finding Mozello at every single tournament or probending event she visited, regardless of wether or not her induction was announced a month beforehand or at the very last second. The ultimate fan, so to say. It was both equally creepy and endearing to the firebender at the same time how much time the bubbly young girl devoted to tracking down her bending idol; and also somehow getting past backstage security to treat her wounds after the fights.

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