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 To Find Family [Seira Sūn]

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To Find Family [Seira Sūn] Empty
PostSubject: To Find Family [Seira Sūn]   To Find Family [Seira Sūn] EmptyTue Nov 20, 2012 2:25 pm

Amaji “Ji” Hama Tenkara

Amaji was between places, feeling like she was in the middle of nowhere. She was headed back to the Northern Water Tribe, but didn't exactly understand what she was doing on land. Of course, it wasn't like she had a ship to take her to the Tribe anyways; she'd left The Goddess for a few days so as to find her family. She hadn't heard from them in months, and was now getting concerned as to their well-being.

She sat in the middle of a pub that was literally placed in what she thought might've been the least convenient business spot in the world. She sipped crappy whiskey and glared at the dusty and dirty travelers also drinking in this bar. They were eyeing her strangely; it was probably all of the weaponry she had with her at the moment.

She downed the rest of her bottle, not even fazed by all of the alchohol she was consuming. She ordered another one, popping it open and beginning to drink heartily.

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Seira Sūn
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To Find Family [Seira Sūn] Empty
PostSubject: Re: To Find Family [Seira Sūn]   To Find Family [Seira Sūn] EmptyTue Nov 20, 2012 2:47 pm

Seira walked through the small crowd. She was looking for a place to get a drink and none of the places she was seeing looked safe to drink from. She had just come from a place a little way north of here and the walk had been exhausting so now she randomly chose a pub. It looked alot cleaner than the others on the outside. She just hoped it looked the same on the inside. Seira pushed her way through the crowd before she started to use her bow to elbow people out of her way.
Dusty travelers sat all over the bar and it smelled like dirty feet. Seira quickly pushed her way through the pub before finding a table that had an empty chair. There was a woman sitting there and she asked, "Mind if I sit here?"
When the woman shook her head, she sat down and waited for a waitress to swing by. In the meantime she would try to make small talk.
"I'm Seira." she started, hoping the woman would talk back.
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To Find Family [Seira Sūn]
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