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 2 Small Announcements

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PostSubject: 2 Small Announcements   Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:44 pm

I'm a Loki of few words, so don't expect much from these announcements. Razz

The first announcement is that I've deleted the Weapons forum. This was supposed to be done a while ago, so it's not unexpected or anything. Weapons are now handled entirely in character sheets, any newly obtained weapons that were received through RPing should be added to the sheet and a staff member should be informed so they can look over it.

The second announcement is the creation of a new forum. The plotting forum is a place where you can post any storylines you would like to persue with another member (or a lot of members). You can create huge story arcs or simple stories, just be sure to use this to your full advantage. We used to use the chatbox for this sort of thing, and probably still will, but I believe this forum will add some much needed organiztion to the plots we wish to pursue.

That is all.
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2 Small Announcements
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